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TOP 5 April – Must-have articles on marketing and sales


TOP 5 April – Must-have articles on marketing and sales

In this month’s TOP5 we wanted to collect some of the content from the marketing and sales sector published in April that we found most interesting.These contents are focused on analyzing how the current situation is affecting our consumption habits, PPC campaigns or even promoting the launch of news on platforms such as mobile phone number directory australia   .I hope you enjoy reading!list_altIndex of contents
1. Instagram launches Food Orders in Spain so that restaurants can receive orders from the app
2. COVID-19: the impact on PPC campaigns
3. How to work with advance purchase coupon sales to increase cash flow4. 50 key statistics for your International SEO strategy
5. COVID-19: Analysis for the Marketing Director
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1. Instagram launches Food Orders in Spain so that restaurants can receive orders from the app
That Instagram has become a key platform for companies and businesses is an undeniable fact, and that is that there are millions of users who browse this social network daily.Small businesses and restaurants make up a significant proportion of the Instagram community, and right now they have been particularly hard hit by the COVID-19 crisis.


That is why they have decided to launch Food Orders , an initiative that aims to facilitate food orders on Instagram so that customers can continue to support these small businesses.food-orders-stickers-instagram-marketing4ecommerceSource:Marketing4EcommerceIn addition, Instagram has announced the launch of new gift cards and stickers to raise funds for businesses , although these functionalities are currently limited to the United States and Canada.I recommend you take a look at the Marketing4Ecommerce article to know all the details of these new launches.2. COVID-19: the impact on PPC campaignsThe current situation has evolved towards a change in online behavior and a growing search for the most up-to-date news and in real time, and # AnalíticaWeb has made a very interesting analysis of the impact of these changes on online advertising campaigns .Here are some of the most relevant conclusions of this analysis:

Searches related to food and food distributors, as well as care and protection products, are increasing.
Searches related to tourism or leisure activities such as cinema and restaurants decrease.BillboardCine_GoogleTrends analyticwebSource: # AnalíticaWebSome categories are seeing an improvement in their Betting Email List , such as health, finance, NGO or personal care, which can be a good opportunity for some companies.
What do we do with our online advertising campaigns taking into account this new scenario? In this article you will find 3 key points to be able to adjust them to your new needs.3. How to work with advance purchase coupon sales to increase cash flow
In times of crisis, our ingenuity is challenged, and the need arises to find new methods to continue generating demand and thus try to stop the impact on our business.RD Station gives us an idea: advance purchase coupons.

Many businesses have seen their activity interrupted by relying on the physical presence of their customers. These coupons can provide a little breathing space for your billing, but they also give you scope to tailor your service.In this article some key points to consider efore implementing this action in your business, as well as to carry out recommendations are addressed.New Call-to-action
4. 50 key statistics for your International SEO strategy
If you are considering improving the online presence of your business globally, SEMrush presents us with some very interesting statistics related to international SEO.Among these statistics, we would highlight:78% of online consumers have more confidence in their purchases on a site translated into their own language .
92.2% of consumers prefer to buy online in their own currency .
The reasons for cart abandonment vary by country, although transport costs and delivery speed are the main reasons mentioned.
71% of decision makers admit to having seen their sales increase as a result of applying an international SEO strategy .
Quick Sprout founder Neil Patel managed to increase his search traffic by 47% after translating his blog into 82 languages.
I encourage you to take a look at the full article to discover such interesting statistics as these.Access the complete guide on how to apply SEO in your online marketing strategy5. COVID-19: Analysis for the Marketing Director
In this Good Rebels article you will find his vision of the current situation in relation to the marketing of companies, addressing different points such as social networks, communication, branding, etc.Some of the conclusions that I would highlight from this content are:Users are discovering new brands thanks to social networks, the strategy they adopt in the coming weeks will be decisive.
The perception that users have of advertising campaigns has evolved since the beginning of this crisis until now, at which time they are more in favor of brands maintaining their campaigns .
We already see some consumption data beyond the essentials that make us feel optimistic about the situation, and it will be key to be able to adapt to each change.

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