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Top 10 Most Viewed Inbound Videos of 2019


Top 10 Most Viewed Inbound Videos of 2019

2020 is just around the corner, and to say goodbye to this fantastic year as it deserves we have prepared a compilation with the 10 most popular videos from our Inbound Academy on YouTube . Do not miss them!Click and subscribe to our Inbound Academy on YouTube1. Goodbye to the marketing and sales funnel: the flywheel is here
We say goodbye to 2019 and also to the traditional marketing and sales funnel. Yes, the one in which first marketing was dedicated to detecting the target audience, then the sales team arrived and, finally, we had the free list of cell phone numbers .The new funnel, called flywheel, is a concept created by the inbound marketing gurus at HubSpot in which the whole process is intended to be, more than a funnel, a wheel. Andrea Castán, inbound marketing specialist at InboundCycle, tells us more about the flywheel.Do you like what you are reading? Subscribe to the blog!
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2. Consumer analysis: how to really know your buyer persona
The consumer, at the center of the strategy: another of the novelties that this 2019 has left us and that will be present for many more years. Sarah Vercheval, inbound marketing specialist at InboundCycle, tells us in this video how to get to know the buyer persona, how to know what interests them, understand them better … And she focuses, in a very entertaining way, on how to conduct interviews in a simple, understanding way and nothing tedious.


3. Capture of leads: how to improve its quality to close the customer
Did you know that if Betting Email List and sales work together, as a tandem, the quality of leads and the possibility of converting them into customers is much higher? Surely you already guessed it… Well, in this video, Marta Miñarro, PR & Events Manager at InboundCycle, tells you how.From defining the buyer person or analyzing the leads that close the client (and also those that do not) to the importance of lead nurturing strategies. All this and much more in this video that, deservedly, is among our top most viewed videos of the year.4. Automate sales in long purchasing processes
It is possible that, due to the particularities of your business, you find yourself with long purchase processes that negatively influence the closing of sales but you do not know how to speed them up.In this video, Andrea Castañar, inbound marketing consultant at InboundCycle, proposes some tools to automate sales and thus shorten the purchase process, in addition to making it more effective and improving communication with your customers.New Call-to-action
5. B2B Marketing: what is the best strategy?
Do you want to be a company with an identity? Visible? Communicative? Sociable? If your business is focused on B2B you need a good marketing strategy that allows you to be all these things.Alice Didier, inbound marketing consultant at InboundCycle, tells you in this video 4 good B2B marketing practices to create the strategy that will lead you to success.6. How to increase the sales of your ecommerce and enhance your brand?
You may have a website with many visits, but what about the final purchase step? For some reason, these visits don’t convert, they don’t turn into sales.In this other video of the most viewed in 2019, María Toledo, inbound marketing specialist at InboundCycle, tells you how you can increase the sales of your online store by transforming those visits into customers.New call-to-action
7. How inbound marketing helps generate demand and boost sales
In this video, Pau Valdés, CEO & co-founder of InboundCycle, explains in great detail how inbound marketing and its “attraction” formula are capable of generating demand for your product or service, boosting sales and, at the same time, stay in the memory of the user creating a very powerful branding.In fact, inbound marketing is so powerful that it allows you to increase visits to your website, registrations, qualified leads and leads who finally buy month by month with the same investment. Interesting, right?

8. Hotel marketing: 7 keys to increase your sales
Marta Miñarro, PR & Events Manager at InboundCycle, this time talks about how to increase sales in the hotel sector. Specifically, it tells you 7 keys that will make your hotel or hotel chain take off: from the content strategy to nurture the database to how to improve the user experience to convert more.

9. How to attract customers by installing a chat on your website
Surely you have already noticed the proliferation of chats on web pages of all kinds. Do you know why they are trending? Because they are a very powerful tool that can help you attract more customers.

Oriol Bel, InboundCycle Marketing Director, tells you in this video what strategy you can follow to achieve this.

10. How to attract customers thanks to web analytics
“Data, data, data. I can’t make bricks without clay ”. Sherlock Holmes was referring to information and data to get something built. We think it is a good analogy with what happens with web analytics.

And it is that without analyzing the data you cannot build a firm structure. Thus, in this video, Andrea Castán, inbound marketing specialist at InboundCycle, tells you the importance of web analytics and how you can attract customers thanks to analyzing metrics and creating marketing strategies based on them.

And to finish … we celebrate that we are already more than 20,000 in the Inbound Academy!

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