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To follow or not to follow? That is the question


To follow or not to follow? That is the question

Last Updated January 8th, 2020 at 11:45 am

Twitter has become a very valuable tool for organizations. The growth of this social network has allowed companies to interact with thousands of users. For a brand it is of fundamental importance to use Twitter correctly, taking into account not only the content that is shared, but also the interactivity with users .

Although a user cannot control who follows him, with the exception of private accounts, he can choose who to follow. Here is one of the existential doubts: in the case of an important organization with a large Croatia Phone Number List of followers, how good is it for us to follow each user who follows us?

One of the two positions establishes that the company should not follow those who follow it. An exemplary case that justifies it is that of the president of the United States, Barack Obama (@BarackObama ), who began to follow each user who followed him. This strategy led him to follow more than 700 thousand users, and consequently, the need to eliminate some of them. The dilemma of the issue is that by unfollowing so many users, the “social media friendly” image that the president was looking for on social networks is affected.

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On the other hand, following users who follow me has a great advantage: the ability to communicate privately. Seen another way: What website does not show an email address so that the customer can be contacted privately? On Twitter, direct messaging is the only way to do it.

Following or not the users who are Betting Email List within my social circle, the important thing is to show interest at all times. Answer inquiries, retweet those interesting tweets and offer valuable and attractive content. To achieve a more personal and private interactivity, it is important to demonstrate to the user that he is communicating with a person, and not a company. The Twitter user of a company should reflect the dynamics of the company’s personality.

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