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Tips for your e-commerce to be a success


Tips for your e-commerce to be a success

The customer / user must always be the center of our world in the marketing sector and it must also be this way online.
Starting from this premise, there are a series of common mistakes that we cannot afford to make if we want our e-commerce to be successful:

First , the ranking of our website in Google. Not only are we important, doing everything possible to position ourselves in the best possible way in the Argentina Phone Number List ranking is important, 35% of buyers use it to reach the page where they will end up making the transaction.

Second , the lack of patience. It is important to understand that the process of making our e-commerce sit correctly and be successful is not a matter of a single day, it takes time and work behind; 8 out of 10 e-commerce projects fail in 24 months.

Third , keep in mind that the high shipping costs is something that ends up making buyers pull back. We will try, as far as possible, that our shipping costs are free, most of the businesses are doing so.

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Fourth , and quite important, we must have a secure site. It is vitally important for a buyer who has to enter sensitive data such as his bank card and who will carry out a transaction of his money, that the site where he does it is not only as secure as possible, but also has to convey that feeling .

Linked to the look & feel of the page, it has to be visually attractive, when something first enters the eye, the content will be more positively accepted than if it is visually poorer and little worked.

Sixth , we must take into account the loading time of our site. We are at a time when the e-client is looking for immediacy, and more than 39% of buyers do not wait more than 4 seconds for a page to load.

The seventh , and already a classic in the world of digital marketing, mobile usability. 96% of searches on Betting Email List are made from the mobile and, for some time, it is a parameter that Google has taken into account for the position in which your site appears in the Google ranking.

The eighth point to take into account are the drawbacks in return policies. Everything has to be easy, when the user perceives inconveniences or difficulties at this point, they will not risk buying from us.

The ninth point to consider is the lack of detail in the product. We have to come up with new ways to show our product, just a standard photo is not enough. For example, video is proven to convert up to 84% better than an image.

The tenth point, and no less important for that, is the satisfaction that customers have with their experience with us. There is data that 95% of users with a bad experience share it with at least one other user. On the contrary, 54% of buyers with a good experience share it with at least 5 other users.

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