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TikTok killed the Instagram star: Will TikTok end the Instagram empire?


TikTok killed the Instagram star: Will TikTok end the Instagram empire?

In 1978, The Buggles singer Trevor Horn felt that technology was about to change everything. The first video players began to be marketed among the population, people began to record home videos and the British were convinced that this was going to mean a radical change. “It seemed like radio was the past and video was the future. The change was yet to come ”, he said in an interview . That afternoon he composed “Video killed the radio star”, the musical bombshell that would inaugurate an era marked by the power of the moving image.

Since then, technological cannibalization has only been accused, over the years we have witnessed the ostracism of innumerable devices, applications and very popular social networks, crushed by the steamroller of innovation that originated in some corner of Silicon Valley. Could it be now Instagram’s turn?

The Chinese application UAE Phone Number List seems to have emerged from nowhere to become one of the most downloaded applications in the world. In fact, the popular short video app is the most benefited from this phase of confinement and has just surpassed 2,000 million downloads , according to Sensor Tower and the 800 million active users on the planet. However, until very recently, many of those over the age of 25 had not even heard of the app. In recent weeks this has changed and marketers have begun to investigate the potential of this platform. Let’s look at some points that can help those who consider taking the leap and increasing the visibility of their businesses through TikTok.


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TikTok in figures
66% of the users of this network are part of the so-called generation Z and are between 16 and 24 years old.
During the first quarter of 2020 it had more downloads than any application in a similar period, according to Sensor Tower.
In the United States, the percentage of adults using the application has multiplied by 5.5
Most videos are 15 seconds long, but 60 second videos can also be created and shared.
Users spend 52 minutes a day on the app
TikTok is available in 150 markets and 75 languages
It has an average engagement rate of 29%
Only 4% of US marketers use the platform.
The average CPM is 10 dollars and a minimum investment of 50 euros per day is suggested. Check out the complete guide .
It will shortly include a “buy now” button that, for the moment, can only be used by influential Betting Email List . 80% of the sales revenue will stay on TikTok and only 20% will go to the influencer. More information about this data .
Merchant links can be linked in videos and biographies.
How to advertise on TikTok
According to the CEO of the H2H agency , Luis Díaz, there are two types of advertising that brands can do on TikTok.

Direct advertising
Creating your own channel and uploading videos
Bidding for ad space
Brand Takeover: Large format ad limited to one advertiser per day
Hastag Challenge: the brand creates a challenge with a video and encourages users to try it
Branded lenses: brands create augmented reality filters that users can use
Indirect Advertising
Influencer Marketing: Brands partner with an influencer on TikTok to create and share promoted content with their audience.

What brands have already jumped into the ring?
Some brands have long decided to bet on TikTok as a platform that allows them to interact more directly with their consumers belonging to generation Z

Chipotle: The American chain of fast food restaurants reached more than 95 million person s with a viral challenge during the Super Bowl.

Elf cosmetics: The makeup brand launched a challenge with a song purposely made for the occasion by artist Holla FyeSixWun

The Washington Post : They are not all brands, the media have also signed up for the new platform. Here you can see their profile and explore their content .

Apple music : They publish short interviews with artists. Here you can see his profile .

Teen Vogue: With very simple videos that appeal to Gen Z, Teen Vogue is gaining a following every day.

Will TikTok End Instagram?
It is not known. What is a fact is that Mark Zuckerberg fears his Chinese rival, who has long tried to buy Musical.ly and who also takes advantage of his public appearances to question the protection and encryption of the successful application . It is also true that the majority of Instagram influencers are opening TikTok accounts in a hurry so as not to lose their seats in the front row and that many brands have already jumped into the ring to try to get a piece of the cake of consumers belonging to the generation Z.

In addition, studies such as Business Insider indicate that sponsored posts on Instagram have dropped considerably during the coronavirus and many influencers are noticing the blow.

Thus, not everything is siren songs and although we still cannot assure that the party is over for Instagram influencers, it can be seen that Instagram begins to smell of nostalgia while TikTok is stomping towards the future.

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