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Thinking about marketing strategies


Thinking about marketing strategies

Thinking about marketing strategies arises from transmitting my knowledge to a client who needed to understand the concepts in the simplest possible way.
Over time, the basic concepts and marketing strategies continue to have the same foundation.
It is something that happens a lot today. Among professionals, we take many terms for granted, but sometimes the client does not fully understand our message. My purpose is that everyone can understand it.If we think about the strategy before acting, we will avoid many of the common mistakes of starting new projects. It is what we see every day in contact with clients or new proposals that we receive every day. Let’s go over some of the ideas you should try to answer before you get going. Much more related information in Canada Business Phone List Strategies

The first thing that we must be clear about before making a strategy are the OBJECTIVES that we seek with the marketing actions.

Thinking in Marketing Strategies
Marketing Objectives
Key information
Thinking in Marketing Strategies
Strategies for the product
Strategies for pricing
Strategies for the square or place of sale
Strategies for promotion or advertising
Strategies for digital advertising
Strategies for service
Marketing Objectives
Get the message across . Marketing still has the purpose of reaching the message of your company to the largest number of people. Communication and taking care of the message should always be among our objectives.Stay in the customer’s head. Another objective of marketing is that your brand or product is the first thing that comes to mind when customers think about the type of service or product category that your company gives or sells.
Increase sales. All these efforts to make your brand and position yourself in the heads of your potential users, simultaneously, have to materialize in such a way that the sales of your company grow considerably.


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Other examples of marketing objectives have the possibility of being: announcing new products, reaching more target audience or simply increasing visits to your own store. Key information
When we have clear objectives, we must obtain KEY information to achieve correct tactics:

Betting Email List Information. Why should customers choose my product or service? Who does it serve? What do they use it for? How? How often? What properties does it have? Advantages of my solution?
Customer information. Who is it? How old are you? What hobbies do you have? What do you work on? What studies do you have? How much earn? What do you spend your money on? How often can you buy the product or service from me? What motivates you to buy?
Competition Information. Who is it? Where is it? What do you give your customers? How do you give it? Who are your users? Advantages of your product or service? Your costs?
This information is essential to be clear before developing any kind of strategy, the more you know about this, the better all your marketing actions will be.
It’s about thinking about your strategies before carrying them out.
It is not just a saying that “information is power” , in marketing it is a necessity.
Let’s be curious while we are thinking about our marketing strategies.
That is why you have to know everything possible before investing your money in any type of marketing strategy that has the possibility of not being directed to the correct market or in the correct way.
Well, at this time we have the possibility to go on to develop our own Marketing Strategies.

Thinking in Marketing Strategies
For a better administration, these used to be divided into the recognized 4 P’s of Marketing , although this criterion the reality at this time is far exceeded, since to these recognized 4 P’s (Product, Place, Price and Promotion) More and more elements were integrated, as well as Service, Branding, Communities and other concepts.
For this reason, I suggest that you define your tactics based on your own objectives, and only by organization can you distribute them by the type of strategy, that is, by the profits that you are going to achieve by meeting your objectives.

If you are thinking about marketing strategies, take care of the application to your own results. It is what will measure its real effectiveness.


Strategies for the product
The product is the good or service that we provide or sell to customers. Some tactics that we have the possibility to create to differentiate our product are:
Include new properties to the product, among other things, offer new updates, new utilities, new functionalities, new uses.
Include new attributes to the product, among other things, offer it a new presentation, a new look, new colors or a new logo.
Expand our product line, among other things, sell other complementary products, or integrate a new type of service to your service offer
Launch an exclusive product line. We have the possibility of launching limited or customized editions for the same market.
Include new customer services, which provide greater peace of mind or pleasure, among other things, integrate home distribution, installation service, new guarantees, new payment facilities, advice on the acquisition.
Strategies for pricing
The price is the final value that we assign to our products as soon as we offer them to customers. Some of the strategies that we have the possibility to create, similar to the price are:
Launching a new product with a low price on the market, so that, in this way, we have the possibility to improve the initial reach, provoke a reception from the beginning, or we have the possibility of making our product known to the widest possible public.
Launching a new product with a high price on the market, so that, in this way, we have the possibility to exploit purchases made as a novelty product or to give a feeling of quality.
Temporarily reduce the value of a product, so that, in this way, we have the possibility to attract a larger clientele. One-off offers.
Make seasonal promotions, reducing product costs for a limited time.
Make promotions type 2 x 1 or in the acquisition of your product they receive some extra attraction.
Offer coupons or discount vouchers.
Give gifts for the acquisition of certain products.
Exchanges of products for services or other products that your company requires, such as advertising.
Private prices for selected users.
Personally, I don’t like to compete to lower prices to get more market. From my experience, downward price wars always cause casualties among those who go into battle.
I prefer to work on differentiating the product or service but maintaining or increasing the value delivered.

Strategies for the square or place of sale
The place or organization lies in the selection of the sites or points of sale where our products will be put on sale or offered.
Today, the digital channel proposes a new sales place opportunity.

Some strategies that we have the possibility to use, similar to the place of sale are:

Offer our products via the Internet, telephone calls, mailing, home visits.
Distribute our products in all the shops that exist and have (intensive distribution).
Offer our products only in stores that are convenient for the type of product we sell (selective distribution).
Locate our products only in a single point of sale that is unique (exclusive distribution).
Make use of commercial or commission agents and, thus, be able to give more scope to our products or increase our points of sale.
Mark the access points to your business (if possible).
Always have our business located in local guides such as GMB and on the web.
Establish collaboration agreements with other businesses to locate our products in their physical or virtual stores.
Today, the internet has equaled the ease of making our business known to any type of competitor. It is a matter of creativity and perseverance.

Strategies for promotion or advertising
Promotion is based on transmitting, drawing attention to, announcing or reminding customers of the presence of a product, in order to influence, persuade, motivate or induce their acquisition or purchase.

Some strategies that we have the possibility to use are:

Putting notices, calls to action or advertisements in newspapers, magazines or the Internet.
Create regular and regular newsletters or newsletters.
Participate in sector fairs.
Create tasting points.
Create events and meeting points for networking.
Sponsor an institution or some other company. Sports sponsorships for example.
Place advertising notices at access points or on the same public transport.
Create advertisements, signs, brochures or calendars.
Create sweepstakes or contests among our users.
Finding creative means of advertising, such as Street Marketing tactics.
Send brochures for particular areas.
Advertising in selected magazines or newspapers.
Strategies for digital advertising
The promotion of advertising through social networks or internet search engines.

Some strategies that we have the possibility to use are:

Create an interesting and dynamic Web Page.
Create a Blog and publish articles of interest to our potential market or today.
Actively participate in the Social Networks in which our market is.
Create Video Marketing .
Create a podcast channel .
Use mobile apps to promote yourself through advertisements.
Generate SEO and SEM or PPC tactics.
Create Email Marketing campaigns.
Digital advertising strategies are very powerful and help us reach an audience that we never even dreamed of reaching before.

Strategies for service
The service are all those actions that are directly related to the customer’s attention and pleasure.

Some tactics that we have the possibility to use are:

Have well-established rules about customer service.
Make sure that all the people in direct contact with the client have the primary service profile.
Create an acceptable User Management through a CRM.
Create a Client Affiliate program.
Train staff on customer support on a recurring basis.
Orient your business processes to the client’s demands, not ours.
Offer you complementary services that increase your user experience with you.
Carry out regular and fixed investigations to measure the level of customer satisfaction.
I could go on to name many more marketing strategies and tactics , but I think the bottom line is already here.

Remember that we must be thinking about digital marketing strategies before executing them. It will be much more profitable for our project.

As a strategy consultant , I dedicate myself daily to design, manage and implement them within my clients’ projects.

Do not hesitate to leave us your comments or concerns. Sharing is winning and this is how we all improve.

If you have more ideas? Share them here in the comments with your ideas. I always answer although sometimes it takes a little longer.

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