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Think digital


Think digital

2019 started and so far we have not talked about the digital predictions that more than one guru professes. Let’s do half time and, before continuing, let’s think: What do we want for this year?

· The Servification of things . Apparently the owner is not something new, we have long subscribed to different Croatia Phone Number List . I think we should stop thinking about the quick example: the newspaper. How long ago did Amazon, Spotify, Netflix come into our lives? It must resonate with us when a professor at the university mentioned Dollar Shave Club. Now you have to think about it in power. If there is one thing you can be sure of, it is that it will change more than one business model.

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· Payment through social networks is already a reality in some parts of the world, however, it is closer than we think. PayKey, the Fintech startup aimed at millennials (and anyone else looking to simplify their life), allows you to transfer money instantly through WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat or Twitter.

· Incorporation of the blockchain on a daily basis . We generally associate blockchain with the financial industry. Error! If we take the financial out of it, we can easily explain the concept as an open and shared registry that can document all types of operations in an efficient, verifiable and permanent way. Now let’s imagine it applied to the logistics of a Betting Email List , this would allow us to know its journey from end to end. There are those who say that it will transform the health system by avoiding, for example, the counterfeiting of medicines. So let’s think about blockchain applied to … (fill in the sentence with whatever you want).

· Digital transformation reaches companies , for next year it is estimated that 11 out of 20 companies will try to be a leader in “digital transformation” What does this mean? Be aligned in human resources, processes and technologies. Who will be the brave ones to count their first steps?

Few are the companies that do not currently use monitoring indicators (known mostly as KPI’s), however, they will have little to migrate to this tool. They will practically be forced due to the appearance of new indicators in the rates of innovation of products and services, in the capitalization of data and the experience of the employee. Without these KPIs, navigating the digital economy will become nearly impossible. Good time to start a master in Direct and Digital Marketing.

· Brands should be more vigilant. What is their level of reliability? The value of custom content increases again. The famous reviews top the list, followed by videos and photos providing greater credibility and user loyalty. It does not matter if it is an individual or collective experience as long as it is personalized, but let’s see the Maroon 5 show during the Super Bowl, where the personalization did not go unnoticed by the public.

So, knowing a little more where we are going, can we think of a way to apply trends to our own companies?

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