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The video unboxing boom and its powerful influence on sales among consumers


The video unboxing boom and its powerful influence on sales among consumers

At first glance it may seem that receiving a product with its factory packaging and opening it does not have much more interest than receiving something that has been bought and that is desired and finally has. What can it mean to see how it is packaged or what can you contribute by spending a few minutes seeing how the protective elements of it are cut and how the different layers of packaging are removed to reveal the final product? At first glance, we insist, it may seem that all this does not suppose anything, that it has no value and that in reality it is nothing more than a very little relevant part of the process by which the consumer is made with a product. The reality, and the reality in Internet times specifically, is much more complex than that. Seeing a product open is, in fact, something. It is known as unpacking or china mobile phone number and it is one of the content trends on YouTube that brands must take into account and from which they must take advantage of its pull. Unpacking a product has become something that consumers pay special attention to and also a letter of introduction to it, especially now that ecommerce has made products can only be seen until the consumer fces the package that they want. It is delivered. At first, it was the online media specialized in new technologies that included unpacking videos among their content. Seeing how these videos were made showed that they were actually apparently very simple content: you just had to show the camera how the product was being discovered and how it was packaged. Who saw those videos ?, the neophytes who were facing a few days in the writing of a media specialized in technology could ask themselves. As the colleagues who had been there the longest pointed out, the truth was that these videos were viewed with interest by many consumers.


After smartphones, printers or laptops, the truth is that unboxing went beyond the technological limits or the online media to become practically commonplace. All products can be unpacked and all products from all sectors arouse interest. In fact, in recent times, videos that allow you to see toys, beauty or cosmetic products or even food from the inside have grown considerably. According to Google figures, food and drink videos grew by 42% and fashion and style videos by 90% when it comes to unpackings.Consumers themselves became the key to see how the products were presented (and to comment on them) and they uploaded their own content to YouTube and social networks in which they showed their own unboxing processes. Unwrapping or unpacking a product thus became more than a ritual that consumers had to indulge in and which was part of the buying process for anything. Unpacking was erected at a time that captured the eyes of others and, for brands, in the possibility of creating thousands of impacts among thousands of potential customers.Who watches unboxing videos?The figures also allow us to understand a little more and better who indulges in the consumption of these video content and also how they affect their purchasing decisions. Seeing the typical buyer who uses them also allows you to imagine a future in which unboxing will be even more important.According to a study by Instant.ly (on a sample of German consumers and which can be found in the German online press) the consumers who are most familiar with unboxing videos are the youngest, Betting Email List (they compared the results of a panel with a mean age of 30 years with those of another with a mean age of 39). Despite the fact that young people are the most recurrent users who use these videos, the more mature panel indicated that they were willing to see them in the future.How do they discover these contents? According to Instant.ly data, the most common thing is to stumble upon them by chance while looking for information about the product. Although they do not arrive after an active search, that does not imply that they do not influence purchasing decisions. According to the responses of millennials, after seeing one of these contents they felt more eager to buy the product they viewed.This is not the only study that highlights the potential of unboxing as a meeting point between consumers and products. A Google study following the last Christmas campaign already highlighted that this type of content is increasingly popular. According to their figures, the viewing of unpacking videos had risen 57% on YouTube in just one year.Not only were the consumption figures for these contents increasing, but they were also increasing the number of videos available within the segment. According to figures from Google, the publication of unpacking content on YouTube had risen by 50% in one year.Consumers valued them because they allowed them toget more information about the product they wanted to buy, but also because the unpacking videos covered subjective needs that they could not fulfill otherwise. As the study pointed out, in the final stretch to get the Christmas gifts, seeing how others unpacked the product in question generated a feeling of anticipation for what was to come. Translating to something closer, an unboxing video was to adults like a toy catalog and the nervousness of Twelfth Night is to children year after year.


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