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The User Experience Honeycomb


The User Experience Honeycomb

What are you doing to satisfy the needs of your consumers?
The user experience ( UX ) is about knowing your audience, give him what he wants, when I need it and in the simplest way possible and successful. This is how UX goes beyond usability !

The main goal of the user experience ? Although it is very easy to describe, it is difficult to put into practice: VP Software Email Lists user interaction at all points of contact.

Looking for examples and definitions on the web, I came across the User Experience Honeycomb created by Peter Morville . This scheme groups together the main factors that contribute to the creation of a good user experience , helping companies to define priorities.

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Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to the User Experience Honeycomb:

– Useful: the content must be useful and satisfy a need.

– Usable (Easy to use): usability is very important, but it is not everything.

– Desirable (Desirable): emotional design. Whatever you are displaying, it must create desire in the user.

– Findable: people must be able to find what they want.

– Accessible (Accessible): there are no people with disabilities only on the streets. They are also online and maybe even looking for your product. It is therefore important to think about them.

– Credible (Credible): do users believe what you are telling them? Do you understand how to Betting Email List the elements that influence this?

– Valuable (Valuable): In the end, both for-profit organizations and NGOs need to fulfill their mission. This is how today, both must also improve consumer satisfaction to be successful.

Now let me give you a couple of good UX examples:
VIRGIN AMERICA: I like this company because it is always innovating in something. Virgin was the first airline to make a responsive website. The company also rethought its entire site in order to satisfy the needs of its consumers 100%.

Results: A change in the booking experience that led to better conversion rates, more frequent visits and a better mobile engagement rate. You can review the case here.

NOMENSA – This experience design agency’s website is a great example of content accessibility that manages to be both accessible and visually appealing. The company is very focused on creating exciting interactions for everyone.

Results: a website that correctly displays the information and is accessible to everyone.

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