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The tasks of the Community Manager


The tasks of the Community Manager

How is the day to day of this professional? Here we tell you.
There is a figure that I have heard of… they say that it connects with my audience … that interacts with my target and increases the engagement of my clients. They say that it can get my brand to have direct , personal and reciprocal relationships … that it can speak and behave humanely, even have personality …
It’s called PR Directors Email Lists Manager (CM) . OMG A person who is capable of doing all of this has incredible power ; but at the same time, a great responsibility (as Spiderman’s uncle said). This person will give messages on behalf of the brand and can never go against it. The Community Manager must be very clear about the values ​​it represents as a speaker; not only that, preferably, you should share them.

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But how is your day to day? What really are its functions? There are many urban legends around the Community Manager : “the one who runs social networks”, “the one who answers Twitter messages”, “the geek intern who understands Facebook” … Definitely, he is much more than that.

Next, I share a summary of the Community Manager’s task circuit :Tasks CM5
Before starting, the CM must know what the target says about the brand , do they talk about it? what do they say? Who says? how often? There are tools that help us monitor conversations around a brand, a sector, a trend… everything that interests us and is relevant to the company’s objectives. Listening is the foundation of knowledge. want the truth! Next, the CM must draw conclusions on all the information collected and thus be able to have a global vision of the world that surrounds the brand . This “world” built by messages from clients / ex-clients / competitors / potentials /… is much more valuable than any message conveyed by the brand in a communication campaign, it is their real opinion , the truth. With certain periodicity, the CM must share its conclusions with the Betting Email List department to work together on the communication strategy and its main objectives . It is key to define the “paraqués” of any communication action and thus there will always be an objective that will justify it.

The strategy will define the content that the CM must develop for the blog / web and the messages that it must transmit on social networks . Regarding social networks, a brief note: you do not have to be in all social networks just “to be there.” The presence in each one pursues different strategic objectives and it is necessary to differentiate the actions (because the contents are not consumed the same and there is not the same audience behind each one of them). OMG
At this point it is important to know what the target is like (thanks to listening), make a personal portrait and adapt the messages to how they want them. The brand must adopt a behavior that satisfies the communication and emotional needs of the public.
A latent task in CM’s day-to-day life is to know the attractive “influencers” for the brand. Connecting with them will be very interesting to generate notoriety in the sector and establish close links with the target.
All CM functions will generate more conversations around the brand that will help the community grow and gain relevance . Another constant task (and perhaps the best known) is to always respond to questions and comments from the public on social networks and resolve crisis situations.
Finally, the social networks themselves (which want you to know that you don’t waste the time you invest in them) provide tools that allow the CM to measure the impact of their actions. By monitoring the strategic KPIs (pre-defined), the CM knows what works and what doesn’t . In this way, it once again draws conclusions that will help to redesign and optimize the communication strategy .

Therefore, we have seen the path that the Community Manager must follow to achieve their objectives. Many of the functions are daily and the cycle is repeated systematically, obtaining continuous improvement. All this will help to cover the main objectives of direct marketing : Capture and Loyalty .

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