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The secret of emotional Storytelling on video


The secret of emotional Storytelling on video

Two cases … one good and the other disastrous, which teach us in a simple lesson how to do emotional storytelling on video.What will you find in this content?Bet on storytelling with risky videosThe secret of emotional storytelling for social videosMcDonald’s mistake and Telefónica’s success Credibility, sensitivity and money?Gone are the days of advertising videos to sell, those focused on products and their features. If today social networks are the main channel of entertainment and distraction, who the hell wants to see that on their walls or on their timeline? What laziness! The only advertising that works and will continue to do so for a long time, is the one that is created in the form of content … content that inspires your audience, content that moves them emotionally .The power of video has grown colossal and the internet is teeming with them, bordering on the “offensive” and “disturbing” at times; Who can ignore what is happening on Facebook, where we are most often seeing mentally affected people uploading videos of homicides, abuses and suicides?Although we could say that these are extreme cases, they are a clear example of how social videos are finding a channel and are emerging as one of the main forms of communication today; and on the other hand, it should be noted that many Canadian CEO Email Lists are not characterized by their ethics and subtlety when creating messages. In a world where the fight for consumer attention is becoming increasingly extreme, how risky is it to make too risky videos?Bet on storytelling with risky videosThe storytelling requires a lot of practice and research. Jumping into practice without understanding it is usually the main cause of making mistakes. Today’s marketers, regardless of the size of their business, have an unprecedented ease in creating and uploading videos to social media. The problem is, their role models are the big TV commercials from years ago. Error. Serious mistake. Looking at what was successful in a different time and format is clumsy. How to make social videos loaded with emotional storytelling ?Chris Fowels tells us that it is necessary to think about the emotional connection of users with the brand. The smaller the brand, the greater the risk you can afford by creating a bold video that will stand out in the sea of ​​messages on a network like Facebook. Why? Because if SMEs fail they can try again and again … and if their video works, they will achieve unprecedented virality .Of course, for large brands this is different. His media exposure makes the chance of being wrong slim.The secret of emotional storytelling for social videosMcDonald’s mistake and Telefónica’s successTo exemplify a brand that took a big risk – and failed – let’s take a look at McDonald’s recent May 2017 announcement about the dead father.The commercial had an enormous amount of public rejection and was eventually withdrawn.

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Betting Email List shouldn’t take it as a sign that the audience is fed up with emotional advertising , storytelling, or social video . Emotion is still enormously effective when creating content, but it must be done properly, making our brand human , through a basic formula:Emotional ads should leave the audience feeling better than they started with.The McDonald’s ad (you can see it below) breaks this rule because it opens at an emotional low point (the boy’s father is dead) and then takes us lower for most of the story (little by little, in each sentence of the mother, we realize that the boy had nothing in common with his dad). The story then tries to bring us to the end (we discovered a connection; the boy and his father liked Filet-o-Fish, a McDonald’s product), but it is too late now. We have descended so much emotionally that despite this attempt to lift our spirits we are left feeling sorry for the main character.Why did this emotional content fail ?The error lies in the arc of the story. We repeat: emotional storytelling ads should leave the audience feeling better than they started with. The ad can take viewers on an emotional ride, a rollercoaster ride with ups and downs, but the final stop needs to be considerably higher than the entry point.By comparison, Movistar’s ad reverses the formula. The first act is all built on the positive, and while the ending is extremely shocking, the inclusion of light comedy in a scathing tone allows for a twist that doesn’t leave audiences feeling worse than they started.The ‘love story’ hits us, true, but it does so by establishing a sense of light comedy, which helps make the change too horrible but acceptable, as if it were a black humor film.Also unlike McDonald’s, the message works better because the product is a character and is directly linked to the user and the topic, while in the case of the hamburger, the product is just an add-on. In addition, the essence of the Movistar campaign is positive since it aims to increase awareness of false profiles and take care of young people and children; finally, it closes with a call to action for a cause, not for a company; It might as well pass for a purposeful brand message .Credibility, sensitivity and money?Brands, in their search for relevance for social videos, can venture to take many risks, and that’s fine! Even touching on societal issues. But the construction of emotional storytelling must be done with credibility and sensitivity, the videos have to feel genuine.The most important element is always creative planning. Movistar’s love story shows that well done, emotional storytelling, even when risky, is definitely worth it… and if this works for big brands, it also works for yours.
And if you think that you need a lot of budget and that your brand could not have a video that went viral on the networks, let me tell you that perhaps the most shared of last year was made by a mother in her own car, recorded with her phone after buying. a toy for your child. Credibility + sensitivity + ZERO investment.So money is no excuse for you to start now … and while you do, we leave you with that mom we all knew and loved as Mom Chewbacca.

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