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The power to humanize a brand and connect with the user


The power to humanize a brand and connect with the user

Among the changes that the Covid19 pandemic has left in people, the empathy with which we see and act in the world today can be mentioned in broad strokes. If users talk about a specific topic, brands will be attentive listening to them through different media such as social all phone number list . According to the report presented by LLYC IDEAS , consumer trends have changed exponentially as a result of the changes that affected most of the population. As a result, today there is a more emotional consumer who seeks empathy and brand values. Faced with this change in behavior, within the various possibilities that we may come to consider, it is important to consider how this new trend means an opportunity for brands that want to differentiate themselves from the competition with proposals that go beyond the quality and price of the products or services they offer to the market.


Summa , in his study Top Empathic Brands , affirms that an empathic brand is one that possesses and uses emotional intelligence and, above all, has the ability to listen and understand its audiences. This, more than a strategic action, today becomes a fundamental pillar to increase the feeling of interest in consumers towards a specific brand. Brand values ​​are essential to attract and retain customers
Salesforce , in its latest report on the state of the connected customer, presents statistics in which the degree of importance that corporate values ​​currently have and the way in which they are communicated is Betting Email List . 71% of users pay attention to the values ​​of companies and 61% have stopped making purchases from brands with which they did not find a match between the practice of their values. We can affirm that empathy is not only mentioned as a value, but also the set of ethical and professional principles that have been defined to guide companies in their daily actions and are adopted as corporate values.

Using social networks to connect with the user
Connecting the Puzzle It is a challenge that entails creativity and seriousness, since they speak of pillars that, in turn, also build the image and reputation of the brand. Social networks play a fundamental role, since thanks to the management of valuable content and the multiple formats it is possible to connect with the user, generate a conversation and listen to their needs. Content marketing is undoubtedly a fundamental ally for brands. By providing value and relevant content, the user can easily identify and interact, and by paying special attention to their behavior, it will be possible to assess whether the communication, message and tone used have been correctly perceived. The actions of brands are increasingly relevant and users value when, at certain times, they act with empathy and share their values. Such was the case of Cerveza Gallo , who at the beginning of the health crisis caused by Covid19 in Guatemala, donated $ 1 million to equip one of the quarantine centers in the country. Today, thanks to concrete communication and marketing actions that involve empathy and values, it is possible to convey the human side of brands. In this way, the content we share through our channels, especially social networks, contributes greatly to the construction of the image we want to achieve, integrating brand values ​​into what users perceive as our identity. This makes it possible to connect with a user who has more and more expectations about the behavior of brands, and demands that they show their values ​​and act in accordance with them.

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