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The phrases of the most important experts in digital marketing


The phrases of the most important experts in digital marketing

The high competitiveness that characterizes the digital world can intimidate many; but for those who feel that way. Take heart with this advice from mike volpe. President of topsail productions: “don’t be afraid to get creative and experiment with marketing .” and we must recognize that he is right; because. Beyond the challenges. This tool is the key to being successful today. With the above. We do not refer only to those who own a business. Today. Anyone who needs to convince an audience to opt for their proposals. Ideas. Services or offers needs to resort to marketing strategies . And in a world as globalized as ours. It is almost impossible to achieve success without having an internet presence . At notecopies. We always encourage our clients to bet on digital marketing in tenerife or abroad. In recent years. We have witnessed the growth of multiple companies . Which have found in this tool. The resource they needed to become visible and increase their profitability . Next. We will share some phrases from the best experts in the field. These are a great source of inspiration . But especially. They are useful to understand the challenges that marketing holds for those who enter this world.

Lessons to run your business

Professional work team lessons to run your business if there is something that can be taken advantage of from specialists. It is the experience transmitted through their advice. Thanks to this. It is possible to move safely in the direction Uruguay Phone Number List  of success and avoid many mistakes . In this sense. One of the aspects on which such people focus the most is dismantling the myth that everything is about selling . In this regard. Peter drucker. One of the most important management experts in the world. Stated: “The goal of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well that the product or service sells itself .” with this. He taught that the best strategy is to prioritize the interests of the consumer of the offer. In this order of ideas. Joe chernov. Winner of cmi’s “content marketer of the year” in 2012. Taught that: “ great marketing makes the customer look smart ”. Thus. It exposes the most common mistake of most brands: setting goals based on their personal views . Neglecting the interests of the recipients of their proposals.

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Lessons you should always keep in

Once the relevance of the client has been understood. It is time to face another obstacle: how to convince them? Fortunately. Microsoft founder bill gates answered this question with the iconic phrase: “ content is king ”; and andy crestodina. Co-founder of orbit media studios. Inc.. Once complemented her. Saying that. When creating content. We must pretend that it becomes the best result on the internet . Achieving what gates and crestodina propose is only possible with teamwork . It cannot be otherwise. Since a good  Betting Email List strategy needs to be designed. Analyzed. Executed and finally evaluated by professionals in the various areas involved in the development of a digital marketing campaign. Focus. Positioning and differentiation lessons you should always keep in mind one thing to remember is that marketing is not a product of improvisation . On the contrary. It is the fruit of analysis and planning . With reference to it. Peter drucker insists that: “if you can’t measure it. You can’t manage it”.

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