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The park is open: the Jurassic World marketing campaign


The park is open: the Jurassic World marketing campaign

A look at the Jurassic World marketing campaign.
I’ve always been a movie fanatic. The idea of ​​stepping into an alternate reality for a couple of hours (although most of the time it ends up being a bit longer) Engineering Directors Email Lists has always seemed magical to me.

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Some years ago, however, I discovered a world with a significant difference: in it, we become the central characters of our story, exploring and interacting with the elements that make up its whole.
Does it sound Betting Email List to you? Sure, I’m talking about the digital world. Do you remember 1993? I do, it was the year that all the children wanted to be paleontologists and the first tour for visitors was done in Jurassic Park… although that did not go quite right.


Two decades later, the park -now under a different name- reopens its doors for us, the-once-paleontologists-who-became-Graduates-Lawyers-Doctors-or anything else but that that Dr. Alan Grant did to live or rather, to survive in that dream or nightmare made reality by John Hammond.

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