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The Olympic Medal of Social Networks


The Olympic Medal of Social Networks

Last Updated November 22nd, 2016 at 11:03 am

The Rio 2016 Olympic Games are an event of global magnitude and its closure allows us to analyze a large amount of information on social networks .
At MD we vibrate with our favorite sports and we are happy with the different medals obtained. But since we cannot put aside our professional gaze, we put together China Phone Number List our Olympic Medal of Social Networks .

According to official data, with 187 million Tweets linked to the event, the social network Twitter wins a Bronze Medal and climbs to the most modest step of the podium. Although its 75 billion impressions generate respect.

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funny tweet # Rio2016
The Silver Medal corresponds to Instagram, which with a total of 916 million publications related to the Rio Olympic Games, is in second place. An interesting fact is that all this volume was generated by 131 million users.

Our Gold Medal (trumpets sound) is awarded to Facebook, the social network that registered the most activity. With a total of 1,500 million interactions. In this case, there were 277 million users who contributed their own.

We believe that this is an applause for Instagram users who, although they obtained second place, were the ones with the most activity, since the average number of publications / comments was higher than that of the other Social Networks .

Some curiosities :
The most mentioned athletes on Twitter : Michael Phelps , Usain Bolt and Neymar (in that order).
As we might suppose, the country that generated the most interactions was Brazil.

funny tweet # Rio2016

The events with the most Tweets registered: Swimming, Soccer / Soccer, Athletics (in that order).
Note written by: Victor Vieira


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