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The next program: TV, Smart Speakers and DOOH


The next program: TV, Smart Speakers and DOOH

Programmatic video is booming, programmatic television and audio are imminent, and leading countries are already experimenting with targeted digital outdoor advertising.
Spain is among the leading countries in programmatic buying in Europe, along with Italy and Great Britain, according to the Ipsos MORI survey. Globally, programmatic display ads in the desktop environment already exceed direct purchase advertising in visibility, according to a study by technology firm Integral Ad Science. With the programmatic advertising market reaching maturity, it is time to seek its consolidation beyond the display format. Programmatic video is booming, programmatic television and audio are imminent, and leading countries are already experimenting with targeted Algeria Phone Number List outdoor advertising.

The social video boom has favored the generation of programmatic video inventory. eMarketer estimates that US advertisers will spend about $ 30 billion on this format in 2019, nearly half of total programmatic advertising spend. In Spain, 27.6% of total programmatic purchases were video in 2018, according to IAB Spain.

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The progressive adoption of connected television will further increase these figures and favor programmatic development. The medium promises unprecedented profitability due to the extraordinary relevance that ads will reach thanks to the automation and personalization of advertising messages. Data will be key when it comes to impacting specific audiences.

In 2020 the penetration rate of connected television in homes is expected to be 50%, so programmatic television promises a rapid development. For the full automation of television advertising to become a reality, it is necessary for DSPs and SSPs to establish commercial agreements and advance in key aspects such as precise identification of the audience, obtaining Betting Email List that identifies viewing patterns and product consumption. or CPM goal setting.

If the adoption of connected TVs is key to the development of programmatic video, smart speakers will set the standard for programmatic audio. It is already being rehearsed on podcasts and streaming music platforms, and, although its takeoff is imminent, it still finds brakes related to low demand or technological incompatibility. Google Home and Amazon Echo will involve the search for advertising models in the voice environment that, inevitably, will pass for being programmatic.

Finally, you have to look at programmatic outdoor advertising. DOOH (Digital out of home) will change not only the outdoor advertising model, but the concept of the city itself: smart cities will be the perfect setting for a type of connected, interactive and modular advertising based on data from environmental, meteorological or circumstantial factors. Companies such as British Airways or Toyota have already shown interesting success stories. It’s time to start thinking big, also in the field of outdoor advertising.

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