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The new generations and social entrepreneurship


The new generations and social entrepreneurship

We have the opportunity to generate businesses that make us earn money and cause a positive impact in the world.
Young people born between 1980 and 2000. This is the group that is part of Generation Y, better known in the media as Millennials . In addition to being the first to grow up with the COO Email List , we also have more education and concern than previous generations for the world and society.

Millennials are different, now we are not so competitive or ambitious. We believe in having a career or title not only to make money, but to do something good for the world. We believe in collaboration, we want to work in an environment where everyone can contribute their talent and good ideas. We want our work to have a positive impact on the world, with social entrepreneurship being one way of achieving this.

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What is social entrepreneurship?
It is not an NGO, but it is not a conventional company either. A social enterprise is a Betting Email List that works to solve problems such as poverty, hunger or lack of water. Simply put, your biggest goal is to make a positive impact and help while making money.

An example is the project of Muhammad Yunus , the creator of Grameen Bank and winner of the Nobel Peace Prize.

Bank of the poor in India, example of social entrepreneurship.
Image by: Amir Jina

This financial institution, also known as “ the bank of the poor ”, specializes in microfinance or small loans to people in need. The grace is that they are easy loans to get, since you do not need the paperwork and guarantees that a conventional bank asks for.

Muhammad saw a need in rural villages in India, where families needed around $ 27 to start a small business and lift themselves out of poverty. There he found a possible business that would not only generate profits, but above all, it would help many, many people.

The key to social entrepreneurship is that. Be creative, positive and think differently. It is necessary to see solutions where others only see problems, to see a future where others see nothing. This is why Millennials are perfect for this: a young generation with many good ideas.

We grew up in a connected world, with constant technological discoveries and positive social changes. For all this, we are positive and we know that we can be that change that the world needs. And the best thing is that the generation that follows us, the children of today, is going the same way.

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