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The movement of the ephemeral


The movement of the ephemeral

“Spain is the fifth country in the world where users spend the most time with their Bahrain Phone Number List  with an average of two hours and 11 minutes per day per person,” states the statistical portal Statista. And it is that this small device on which our life currently depends has already been established as the main mode of access to the Internet, completely conditioning the way in which the user makes inquiries and consumes content. or completely the way in which the user makes inquiries and consumes content. Being able to consume content at any time even while doing other tasks at the same time are two examples of the many advantages that the mobile phone offers us. We look for quick, entertaining and simple content that we can consume in the few minutes that our sessions usually last.

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Fast Content is how this new type of content is known, which entered as a strong trend in 2019, sought after by fast users who dedicate micro moments of their time to information and leisure. The main challenge of this content is to capture an audience that is increasingly difficult to follow due to its speed of moving and devouring content. Consequently creativity, speed and synthesis capacity are three key aspects in its creation. The fast content revolution was started by Snapchat, which was followed by Facebook with its Facebook Stories and Instagram Stories. Google has recently been the last to join the movement with its APM Stories.

This reality has already been identified and analyzed by many brands that have seen that investing in this format can revolutionize their Betting Email List strategies. The fact of being content that disappears causes an effect of hooking to users and at the same time allows to show a closer, human, informal and spontaneous part of the brands.

What are the advantages of ephemeral content?

FOMO (Fear of missing out) . Users are afraid of missing something, which forces them to be aware and to go online every so often to check the news of the brands or influencers they follow.

Authenticity . Unlike what was done years ago, users currently do not expect any post-production of the ephemeral content generated by brands, they want videos without editing, real images, spontaneous comments and real time experiences. Thanks to this, brands can create a more emotional and trusting bond with their followers.

Engagement. Visual content is 40 times more likely to be shared on social media than other types of content. In addition, users show more commitment when they have tools that allow them to create their own content.

The adaptation to the format . Nativity is the key to succeeding with this type of content. There has to be a link between how brands use the platform and how users do it. Brands must assume the familiarity of the audience.

It is important to note that the ephemeral movement should not be associated with low quality, on the contrary, combining quality and speed is one of the main challenges faced by both consumers and content creators. Impact and leave a mark on a fast and fleeting audience through the creation of content capable of falling in love at first sight and even being aware that they will disappear as quickly as they arrived. Will all brands be able to continue with this growing trend?

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