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The metrics you have to measure in your content marketing strategy


The metrics you have to measure in your content marketing strategy

Content Marketing is one of the forms most used by brands and advertisers, in order to increase their website traffic, attract potential customers and generate a solid community.

This is why there are the following metrics that you have to consider:

1- Links to the website: all the links that are shared on social networks and that derive traffic to the web, must be duly marked, in order to know where visitors come from, what their interests are and thus be able to make important decisions, How much investment will be considered for certain actions, what are the Poland Phone Number List that best connect with the audience or know what are the peak publication times.

2- Unique visits


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The great objective of creating content for the web is: to derive traffic and attract more users. Therefore, the metric of unique Visitors should be one of the most important to consider, since in order for the site to offer Branded Content, the advertiser will be able to know the visits and thus validate their investment, but above all it will Betting Email List to detect what are the contents that best connect with the audience.

3- Bounce percentage:

Enter and leave a website immediately, that’s what the bounce rate refers to, that percentage that everyone wants to reduce through many tactics.
To get an idea, the average bounce is 58%, which although it looks high, it represents the average obtained by websites.
In reality, a large part of users come to a website through organic searches, social networks or another channel and will only take into account the content that interests them. Therefore, it is that efforts to improve the quality of content becomes so important, since it is the most concrete and closest way to sympathize with the audience.

All these metrics help determine how effective a content strategy and a brand’s positioning are being, so taking advantage of it only depends on each one.

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