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The Internet of Things


The Internet of Things

If consumers bought everything with an Internet chip that could communicate with the manufacturer, the manufacturer could know how its products are being used and collect information beyond simple sales data. Its name is ” The Internet of Things “. The idea is becoming a reality and brands like Nike, Diageo and LG are looking at how technology can be used to get to know their consumers better. Adidas, for example, has created miCoach, a “cell” that fits in a sports shoe and is synchronized with an application to measure the athlete’s call list of mobile number . Adidas Interactive Director, Simon Drabble, says that the objective of this action is to ensure that the relationship between the brand and the consumer goes beyond the initial sale. “It is not a transactional relationship only. It’s about forming a long-term partnership with our clients and helping them throughout their journey. We go beyond the provision of sporting goods to provide that service. ”


Adidas was one of the first companies to use this technology : the launch of the miCoach range in 2006. It includes electronic laptops, training aids and Betting Email List platforms to enhance the user’s athletic performance, displaying speed, distance and intensity of your activity and provides detailed information on how you improve in the practice of sport.Users can compare themselves with other athletes and, in what the brand claims is the first time, they can compare their skills with that of players in the UEFA Champions League this season.Cisco Systems has predicted that the Internet of Things will be worth $ 14 trillion, with up to 50 billion devices connected to the Internet in 2020.Smartphones and tablets have an important role to play in this trend. Andy Hobsbawm – founder and chief marketing officer of Evrythng – believes that the Internet of Things will not become mainstream until the end of this decade, because “you have to change the way you make things, put computer chips in them. and your Internet connection. “At this year’s Mobile World Congress, LG brand electronics showcased connected televisions and ovens that can be activated remotely via a phone app and fridges that know when they need to replenish some products with barcode scanning.The brand claims that these technologies will be affordable in terms of price and ease of use and will eventually become the norm, in how people live .Forrester Senior Analyst and report author Sarah Rotman Epps says there will be less obvious applications of the trend. “ Internet of Things will become mainstream, but sometimes invisible. This will make its way into most people’s lives, but they may not always be aware of it.Despite this, the Forrester report finds that organizations have no intention of investing in technology and instead prioritize the most immediate product and service opportunities related to smartphones.Another barrier to technology absorption is whether people will trust companies to use the data collected about them because they will want to be sure that their privacy will not be violated.It may not be long before some products become popular. Google Glass – glasses that allow people to surf the Internet, take photos and share what they are seeing with friends – were launched earlier this month. Although Google says the product is still in development, reports suggest the glasses could be available to consumers later this year.There is a very strong and growing demand for inter-device communications , which means there is a real growth opportunity. The potential market for the Internet of Things is estimated to move billions of euros per year around the world.

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