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The importance of positioning a video on YouTube II


The importance of positioning a video on YouTube II

Social networks , and specifically YouTube, have become a value-added tool for business development . Access to information through these means is universal and allows it to reach the general public. These new environments have their own language and characteristics of communication and content different from traditional media. Hence the importance of developing strategies tailored to these environmentsand applying appropriate writing criteria.In this article we will cover how to position a video on YouTube to good cell phone numbers for sale greater viral diffusion .Highlight engaging content first The attention intervals are short. Whichever method you choose, the first 15 seconds of your video should be engaging, engaging, or entertaining enough to grab your users’ attention and keep them watching the rest of the video. Carry out a good production and give the content an adequate structure.Call to action (c all-to-action ) Content creators rely on user actions to be successful, but most of them don’t act if you don’t ask. Use annotations to ask for something if the content doesn’t feature any known characters.


Videos should include specific call-to-action phrases . Depending on the type of call to action you include, you can indicate the actions of the users at the beginning of the video, during its playback or at the end of it in order to improve your position, involvement and audience.Types of calls to action:Subscriptions
They are essential to increase the subscriber base; in this way, videos are launched with an audience from the beginning.
CommentsThey are Betting Email List for the positioning of the video in the search results, to interact with the users and to know your audience. Ask users to leave a comment on the video.Like / Favorites / Share
The positive actions that users take with the video will allow you to increase the positioning of your videos according to the algorithm.
When and how often to post contentSome of the principles and trends that drive TV shows apply to the Web as well. Posting content frequently and planning when to upload are very important factors in order to position your videos well online.Define the metadata strategyThe metadata is the information that surrounds your video: the title, the tags, the description and the thumbnail. This data set provides the YouTube algorithm with information about the content of the video, its search indexing, features, related videos, and ad serving.Using keywords and proper formatting is essential to create metadata that allows your video to appear prominently in search results. It is equally important to offer useful and accurate information to users so that they know what they are seeing and the bounce rate is reduced.Title
Titles are an important tool for describing content and convincing users to click on your video. Include popular, relevant or attractive keywords to maximize the number of clicks received and search traffic, but keep in mind that they must accurately reflect the content.TagsCreate a set of “standard tags” for your channel that can be applied to any video you post. These tags should be general and applicable to most of the content you create (for example, movies, animation, comedy, “funny videos”, “pet videos”, etc.) Frequently update and optimize old video tags when relevant new search trends emerge.DescriptionDescriptions provide information about the content of the video to the user and YouTube algorithm and can be a good place to include additional information that is not available in the video. The algorithm favors full descriptions that accurately detail the content of a video.SEO positioningAs we discussed in the previous article , YouTube is the second largest search engine on the Internet, so it is very important to do a good SEO to better position our videos.Viralize
Sharing your YouTube videos on Twitter or Facebook is easy and fast for you and also for your users. If your content is good, it is likely that you will get some users to share it through their social profiles. These social signals are taken into account by YouTube to improve the positioning of your video, just like Google does in its search results.Link captureYouTube is Google, which means that links matter a lot. YouTube takes into account the external links that point to your video as a factor to position them better. Include links to your channel from all your profiles: the page about you on your blog, Google +, LinkedIn, email signature, etc. Getting natural links is based on maximizing the opportunities to be linked.
I hope these tips have been helpful to you. Ready to break audience records with your viral?

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