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The importance of positioning a video on YouTube (I)


The importance of positioning a video on YouTube (I)

Learn why it is important to work on SEO on YouTube.
YouTube is the second largest search engine on the web. Many people are making positioning SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) on Google (which usually ends up being also Bing and Yahoo) . What few know is that doing SEO on YouTube can get a lot more search traffic than information numbers list and Bing. So if you are not doing SEO on YouTube , you are lost. To start you need a video camera. Currently all Smartphones, tablets and laptops have one integrated. Creating audiovisual content has never been easier. But why should you bother creating videos to enter YouTube? Here are some reasons:
From March 2010 to the present there have been 3.7 billion searches on YouTube. That same year, 700,000,000,000 reproductions were made and 13 million hours of video were uploaded.


In May 2011 48 hours of video were uploaded per minute.
The search engine receives more than 3,000 million visits per day.
YouTube owns 10% of the entire internet traffic.
Another relevant fact is the irruption of tablets in homes. The world average penetration of these devices has been established at 5% and Spain is the Betting Email List that leads the ranking with 14%.53% of Spanish tablet users use it to connect to the Internet and 24% to watch television or videos online. According to the Mobile Life report, written by TSN in 2012, 21% of Spaniards plan to buy a tablet, compared to 15% of Europeans and 10% of technology fans from the rest of the world. In Spain these devices are fashionable and despite unemployment figures and news of the crisis, no one wants to be without them.There are two factors that make a YouTub e video better rank : its content and user engagement . These two aspects are almost most of its positioning SEO on YouTube . YouTube’s search engine doesn’t work the same as Google’s , as it doesn’t directly display your keywords within the video. Thus, it is not possible to know if the video is relevant in relation to the chosen tags.

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