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The importance of including goals in Google Analytics


The importance of including goals in Google Analytics

The tool provides us with the data, but it is of no use if it is not analyzed according to the brand objectives. As the professor of the Master in Direct and Digital VP Manufacturing Production Email Lists , Enric Quintero , explained in one of his sessions , there are different platforms and tools that can give you data about your digital platforms (including websites, apps, social networks, etc.).The most used and with which you probably make your reports month by month, is Google Analytics . And yet there is something fundamental that you may not have paid attention to yet.

The objectives


Chief and VP of Manufacturing, Production Email Lists
Would you get into a taxi without saying where you are going? Suppose you are 99.9% of the people who do not. In that case, it is just as necessary to define what you want to achieve on your website , and leave it as a goal in Google Analytics . “In this way the data will help us to direct us towards our objective”, assures Enric Quintero .Since it is not the same that you work to increase conversions on your website, achieve more Betting Email List
or make users read the content, it is clear that you cannot read the data in the same way in each case. Types of objectives Although there are many types of objectives , the main ones are those that we identify through a key page, that is, one in which we know that a user falls when completing an important task on the site (such as at the end of a subscription or after having finished the purchase).

In any case, the academic explains that as the use of web analytics matures, it becomes just as important to have micro objectives : “These would indicate the approach towards the global objective of the website . Here time on the page, content consumption or interaction with certain elements, becomes relevant to define engagement ”.

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