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The importance of emotional branding and brand personality


The importance of emotional branding and brand personality

We all have a special bond with a specific brand. We feel identified with their values, with their communication, value proposition, their identity, among many others. It is well known that today the best brands go beyond the rational barrier and live in emotional territory.

There are studies that indicate and show that 80% of the factors that influence the purchase are emotional, while only 20% are rational (even in B2B environments).

As early as 2001, Marc Gobé author of the book “Emotional Branding” exposed the value of emotions in building relationships between China Phone Number List and people. According to Gobé, emotional branding focuses on the most relevant aspect of human character: the desire to transcend material satisfaction to experience emotional fulfillment, where brands are the lever that activates human impulses and motivations.

We can say, therefore, that the emotional connection that a brand has with its customers is one of the indicators that refer to a strong brand. Traditional techniques for measuring the value of a brand have relegated the quantification of the emotional part to the following elements of the funnel:


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Notoriety, consideration, preference and loyalty
To ensure that a brand has an emotional bond with its audience, it is vital that we refer to the brand personality: It is a set of values ​​and characteristics associated with a company or brand. They shape the way people feel and interact with the company. The idea of ​​a brand personality applies to businesses large and small, and to anyone with an online presence. This means that freelancers, designers, developers … remain a brand in themselves. Cultivating and caring for this brand personality is vital to differentiate ourselves from our competition and to have links with our clients beyond the product / service-price relationship.

How do we create brand personality?
We call brand personality the emotional characteristics associated with a Betting Email List and the behavior it has with its environment and stakeholders. In short, it is “their way of being” and the basis on which we build the brand’s visual identity, verbal identity and behaviors.

Defining the brand personality is a key factor in achieving success as it contributes to your brand being related to the value proposition you offer and to your brand territories.

We cannot confuse the concept of brand personality with brand identity. Personality, as we have seen, is the human and emotional association with a brand. Identity is the image created and used by the company to interact with its audience. A good brand identity can include many forms of communication and visual tools such as logos, colors, and fonts. It is important that personality and identity create a symbiosis, that is, the brand identity must be part of your personality.

Why do we need a brand personality?
Brand personality is one of the main factors of branding, that is, the process of creating and strategic management of a brand. It helps us to achieve the following points:

Differentiate ourselves from the competition and that they know how to recognize us. This point contributes to working on the positioning that we want to have in the mind of our target audience.
To connect emotionally and have high engagement with the consumer profiles that interest us. Today we can choose from hundreds of brands that offer very similar value propositions, therefore, quality and price are no longer the only factors to decide on one or another brand. It is those that fit the most with our personality that inspire us with the greatest affinity and confidence.
Create our corporate identity in coherence and consonance with our value proposition and positioning.
Plan marketing actions correctly associated with the interests of our target audience.
Define an adequate content strategy for the optimal communication channels for your brand.
Maintain consistency in everything you do as a brand.

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