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The Growth of Google+


The Growth of Google+

Last Updated July 29th, 2015 at 05:44 pm

During 2011, Google created its own social network with the aim of defeating the giants like Facebook and Twitter . Millions of people were waiting with excitement to create an Argentina Phone Number List account. However, many critics argued that Google+ was a failed attempt by Google to expand beyond its limits and credited the problems to the fact that this social network was not really “social”.

The situation has changed dramatically. In June 2012, Google+ had approximately 269 million users. Currently, it has around 359 million users, a growth of 33% in less than a year, according to analytics by GlobalWebIndex.

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The most successful social network is Facebook, with more than one billion active users. The second was Twitter with 230 million. With the recent growth of Google, Twitter now takes third place, behind Google+.

Ways to explain this rapid growth are the multiple connections that have been formed between YouTube and the new Google social network, if you enter one, you enter the other too.

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One of the problems with Google+ is the lack of active users. The last time Google publicly said its was in December of last year when they had 500 million accounts but the Betting Email List 
of active users was a completely different number (only 135 million). Meanwhile, Facebook boasts of more than 700 million active users.

Claire Stokoe, who works as a media manager at MediaWorks, said that this is what interested her about Google+ over Facebook : “It is good to discover new things on Google+, Facebook is quite good, but it is more difficult to find new people with whom to talk. in depth about passions ”.

This is perhaps the great advantage of Google+ . While Facebook is designed for contact between friends, Google allows you to have conversations with strangers on topics that interest us.

With the growth of Google more, there is no need for Facebook to lose users. Perhaps these social media can coexist operating in different ways that do not conflict with each other.


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