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The future of marketing: solving the complexity of a profession


The future of marketing: solving the complexity of a profession

COVID-19 has given a definitive push to digitization. There is talk of a jump of five years concentrated in a few months. An accelerated evolution that implies (rá) a high professional impact and complex scenarios. Although the complexity is caused by technology, it is necessary to open the focus.

The fourth round table of #NextMarketing held in October 2020, was entitled : ” The future of French Business Phone List : MarTech, evolution of the profession and skills “. In it we wanted to discuss the future of the profession, from different angles that converge in Marketing Management: the impact of technology, the job of marketing manager and their role within an organization. We did it with three experts who gave us their views on the matter:

Diego Fernández , CEO of Gellify Iberia
Juan Luis Fernández , CEO of Manum Consulting Group and Director of the Master’s Degree in Pharmaceutical Marketing at UPF Barcelona School of Management
Verónica Moreira , Marketing Manager at Mr. Wonderful
What technology?
Right now there are technologies that a marketer will never master . Therefore, rather than trying to learn them, it is more sensible to lead a team that manages them.

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AI is the great technology that comes to change everything . It allows automating and giving intelligence to algorithms so that they can learn and make better decisions. Because they are based on data, they allow to automate processes and be faster because the market requires that speed (with less human intervention).
Essential Technological Skills for Marketing Professionals? Have the ability to read / manage data tools, assuming that you know the fundamentals of the web thoroughly.
What would be the desirable skills ? Good knowledge of “data science”. An interdisciplinary field between statistics, data analysis, machine learning and related methods to analyze real phenomena.
Specialist or generalist? Better what for
It is necessary to master some disciplines, others to know them, but, above all, we must be able to align them in what they serve our purpose and objectives .
Rather than focus on the function (“do marketing”), you have to propose a value (“why do you do it”). Provide value to the Steering Committee, to be heard and participate in the decision that helps meet the objectives.

Betting Email List Management does not have a magic wand, it takes the baton
The ” one-man show ” is an endangered species and does not work miracles. The difference is in talent and leadership . Marketing Management is the one who directs the orchestra and makes the team sound good.
You must know how to lead multidisciplinary teams , with specialists who handle technologies that you do not master. You must put the customer at the center and gain competitiveness. And, above all, feed the curiosity to know where things are coming from.
Knowing how to surround yourself with a mixed team (internal and external) that allows you to internalize know-how. It must be able to align this diversity of professional profiles with the same objective (one for what ). They will only follow you if you generate enthusiasm, vision and confidence .
The key competences: continuous learning, empathy and leadership
Marketing Management must be restless by nature . With the ability to change mentality and understand people, know how to treat them, relational capacity and charisma .
It will take a lot of emotional intelligence , inside and out. Work hard to manage expectations , earn their trust, and have the patience to reap the expected results . This means aligning well with General Management, connecting with the client and understanding well with the commercial team.
It also implies overcoming departmental barriers. The departments and especially the organization charts are dead . Those who best adapt to constant evolution are liquid organizations .
Focus on the customer
The marketing department is also the guardian of the customer experience , whatever its channel. Find the customer, their traceability, know what is the best time for each thing. With the right message, at the right time.
The budget should not be an excuse
The technology has democratized becoming a commodity . The challenge is to choose well what technology and to have the necessary profiles to carry out certain qualified tasks.
Purpose, values ​​and ethics
There are two types of views on technology / data and ethics: companies that comply with the law and those that incorporate ethics in the design of their products and their business model . A model consistent with its purpose and aligned with reality.
The user is more and more informed and more aware. Business ethics will not be another option, it will be the only one.
Continuous learning
Lifelong learning is mandatory and ‘informal’ training will become increasingly important. We must maintain a balance between being updated and managing the anxiety of missing the train.
You have to be humble enough to say that “I don’t know about this.” Surround yourself and listen to the people you know. Focusing in each of the moments on what I think I should know (it is usually what you like!) And letting yourself be carried away, also, by your intuition.

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