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The Future of Captchas


The Future of Captchas


Last Updated July 29th, 2015 at 05:43 pm

The CAPTCHA (Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart) is something that we have all had to suffer. The activity of proving that we are not bots is quite degrading in itself but the fact that we have to repeat it on each site we go can be annoying. Today, all Social Networks use this function. This is probably the reason why 300 million captchas are completed daily.

Perhaps there is something good that we can get out of this monotonous activity. Lately, there have been some changes and the origins of a new way of proving our existence before the Internet Robot could be seen .

Recently, I entered a site that required verification in order to comment. The difference is that I was not greeted by a captcha. Instead, I found a little puzzle. It was pretty simple and I’m pretty sure that if all sites used the same game, it wouldn’t take long for someone to design a program capable of cheating the system. However, this is a step in the right direction. We are witnessing a new example of an Unconventional Germany Business Phone List  Strategy .

Modern Captcha – Online Marketing

After completing the simple mini-game I got to thinking and came to the conclusion that Online Marketing Agencies could use this innovation to their own advantage. What if, instead of an innocent game, there was another type of activity whose objective is twofold: To obtain the verification needed to prove that we are people and sell products at the same time? This is definitely a step in the right direction and a new possibility in the world of Digital Marketing .

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Since hundreds of millions of people carry out the same activity every day and nobody gains anything from it. Some enlightened in Digital Marketing Agencies must have asked the following: Why not use this process to our advantage? This idea is very new and therefore has not had much development time but you can already start to admire some results.

Nestlé and its New Captcha

A good example is “Nestlé”, the famous food company. As part of their Online Marketing Campaign , they replaced the traditional captcha by asking users who enter their “KitKat” site to remove the wrapper from a packet of chocolate. Certainly, with such a massive audience, Digital Betting Email List 

Agencies can take advantage of this idea. In the future, a new generation of captchas could be yet another tool to consider during the Web Design process .

Quietly, this new mode of verification has grown in the last few years. Completing captchas on Social Media sites will no longer be a boring activity . It is very difficult to find a reason why traditional captcha is better. Among the many advantages we can highlight that each site will have a completely different means of verification, making it difficult for bots that try to deceive the system. The activity will not be confusing like some of the current ones and it will be more interactive. Apart from these possibilities on the user side, it gives the site owner more freedom to carry out a Digital Marketing campaign using these new tools.

The modern Captcha is a very interesting one and we are convinced that it will be very important in the future. In future installments of this note we will discuss other uses and functions for traditional Captcha.

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