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The end of boring photography is here: What is Instagram and how does it work?


The end of boring photography is here: What is Instagram and how does it work?

Last Updated July 4th, 2019 at 05:50 pm

Surely many of you already know what Instagram is and are fans of this application, but it never hurts to talk about one of the social networks with the greatest impact in the world.

Instagram is a free application for iPhone and Android with more than 130 million active users that allows us to take photos and videos, edit them and share them on social networks such as Facebook , Twitter, Flickr and Spain Phone Number List Tumblr. It also allows us to indicate where the photo was taken, tag it, just like on Facebook, and connect with other users, see what they shared and leave comments.

Instagram filters

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Designed so that we all create professional photographers, one of the most important characteristics of this social network is that the photographs are seen in a square shape, in honor of the Kodak Instamatic cameras and the famous Polaroids, and hence the name referring to the photographs taken with these cameras. The photographic social network has a total of 19 filters (not including the original) and each one adds a different feeling to the image.

Regarding the security options, we Betting Email List have the possibility to choose between having the account blocked, which means that before someone accesses your album they must ask you for access, or have the profile open, that is, everyone can see the images posted to your account.

How does it work?

Download and install Instagram
Sign up
Edit your profile
Follow your friends
Here the fun begins!
Share your content on social media
As in Twitter , Instagram allows us to use hashtags, allowing us to describe the photos or video that we share, helping other people find your profile more easily and get more followers . Through some applications you can find out the most used hashtags. TagsForLikes, Instag, InstaTags and the web Instagramtags.com, are some options to consider.

In addition, Instagram has a blog where it offers the best photos of the week and interesting tips to improve the experience on that social network .

I hope this short summary has served you and that you will be opening an account when you finish this note. Let’s see those works of art !?


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