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The digital generation


The digital generation

Mom, I have more followers than you on Instagram!
Horror. Panic. Is my daughter on Instagram ? And I don’t know? Have I hit my head and been unconscious for 20 years? No. My daughter is 11 years old and is on Instagram . I can not believe it!Humor aside, after his great statement began the reflections, which by obvious, I am not going to repeat one by one. I control the social networks where my children are from my HR Directors Email Lists . Your safety is my only goal. Although they also do not have permission to register in any without my consent. Until a day comes when it is so normal for them to be part of the virtual world that they sign up for one that I haven’t even heard of, being unable to keep track of them on the web. Alarm again!

HR Directors Email Lists

This morning I was reading an article by the Juvenile Judge of Granada, Emilio Calatayud, where in a very interesting decalogue on how to turn our children into criminals, he spoke of rules of conduct and the education we give our children . He also mentioned the use of mobile phones , not advisable for children under 14 years of age.Many are blogs and articles written about technology and children . Some against naming so many harmful aspects that I would also throw away the Betting Email List. Others, explaining that under proper parental supervision they help develop skills.And again the eternal question arises: But at what age is it advisable to use mobile phones ? We parents have the answer. It depends on the need that the father has for his son to be communicated, his age, the usefulness it gives him … It is horrible how other parents look at you whether you tell them that your son has a mobile phone or not, you are never right! Of course we will not ask the phone companies. The truth is that today’s society leads us to turn our children into the strangers of the class if they do not have a mobile , tablet or any other device of this type.

I remember my daughter’s face when she asked us for a mobile when she was 11 years old and we gave her an old one (2 years earlier), without 3G and by touching the screen she told us:- It’s spoiled!
When we explained that it was only to call:
– I want this for what I want!

I sincerely believe that education is the only way to truly protect our children. Letting them move on the Internet has the same risks as letting them move alone on the street. The majority of norms that serve for the real world, serve for the virtual one. The phrase our grandmothers already used to tell us, “don’t talk to strangers”, do you think it has expired? From my point of view, maintaining a balance between the virtual and the real seems the most sensible thing to do. Children must understand the risks that misuse of technology can entail , as well as not meeting certain rules in the real world. Going on an excursion without knowing the route will get you lost, going to the beach without sunscreen will make you burn, having more drinks than you will get drunk, crossing the street without looking, etc. And at this point is where the paradox occurs: if our children get lost going on a field trip, what will be the best they can do? Try to make an emergency call from the mobile and keep the GPS activated so that we can geolocate them. In conclusion, I think that the unknown scares us since we were not born in the digital age and we have been immersed in it at an adult age, but everything that is useful for the real world can be used for the virtual one: use but not abuse, question the information received, do not trust strangers.

The digital age is here and it is here to stay. It is a reality at a global level and we cannot ignore it, but rather learn to live with it and take advantage of all the opportunities it offers us, us and new small digital users .

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