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The content map in inbound marketing [+ Video]


The content map in inbound marketing [+ Video]

These are demanding times, and all of us who dedicate ourselves to the marketing adventure know that it is essential to offer relevant content to potential customers if we want to bring them closer to the purchase decision. But that idea that seems so coherent in the abstract needs a concrete Ecuador Phone Number List and practical guidance on how to actually do it.It is not about releasing information without a strategy or planning, but rather that relevant content must be delivered, to the right audience and at the right time . How? Using the content map.list_altIndex of contents
What is a content map or content map?
How is the content map configured?
Next steps of content mapping
What is a content map or content map?
It is a tool that allows you to relate your content with the buyer person and the moment of the purchase cycle in which they are. It is very easy to configure (you can do it with Excel, for example) and with it you will be able to identify possible gaps in your strategy and plan next actions.In this content mapping you have 3 variables to combine:The buyer persona or archetypes of your ideal client, those for whom you carry out your project.
The phases that this user goes through in their purchase process .
The content that you have available on your website and that you must offer in the format or formats preferred by your audience.
Thus, with this content matrix you will be able to contextualize and place the customer at the moment they are in their purchase process, and it will allow you to deliver content that is organized and fully adapted to their needs . In short, provide a better experience with your company.


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You can download this free template to create your content map that we have designed to make your work easier.With the content map you can:Organize your content generation .
Better serve your website visitors .
And analyze how effective your content is when it comes to generating new Betting Email List opportunities.
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How is the content map configured?
Let’s see how you can design your own content map:Create an array. On the vertical axis, place the buyer persona of your inbound marketing project, which can be one or more, and on the horizontal axis, place the 3 main phases that the user goes through in their buyer’s journey.Let’s move on to analyze the latter in more detail. They are as follows:1. Awareness or awareness: the user investigates his problem.
In this phase, the user realizes that he has a problem or a need, and begins to learn and educate himself about that issue in order to solve it. The contents that you must offer will be introductory, with initial and basic information, designed for someone who is beginning to be interested in a specific subject.Let’s see examples:InboundCycle is an inbound marketing agency and our buyer persona can be a marketing director. This person needs to generate more qualified leads for their sales department and starts looking for content about it. From our company we can offer you an article or an ebook that explains the best practices to create landing pages, techniques to generate leads or how to improve the conversion of pages with traffic. In any case, they would be introductory content.On the other hand, let’s imagine an electric car sales company. Our buyer persona would be an ecologically conscious person who seeks to be more sustainable. From our company we could launch a blog in which we share advice on how we can minimize our impact on the planet in the form of downloadable articles and guides.
2. Consideration: the user investigates his alternatives.
In this phase the user is already familiar with the subject, masters the basic concepts and focuses on finding the alternatives on the market to solve their problem or need. The queries, therefore, are more specific, since you have internalized what your situation is, and what you seek is to understand it in its complexity and resolve it. You need more advanced and specific content that goes deeper into the subject.How can you differentiate the contents of the awareness phase from those of the consideration phase? Follow this rule: if the text can be understood by a novice in the field, it could be considered the first. However, if it is necessary to have notions about it to understand it, it corresponds to the investigation of alternatives.Continuing with the example of InboundCycle, our buyer persona wants to generate more qualified leads for his company and is evaluating different techniques on how to achieve this. In this phase we would talk about inbound marketing as a lead generation technique, or more qualified leads, and we could prepare an article explaining the benefits of an inbound marketing campaign or what assets are generated with a strategy of this type.
In the case of the electric car company, we could advance the buyer persona in their purchase process with comparisons on the pollution generated by the different means of private transport, reports on the impact of electric vehicles on reducing emissions, information about state bonuses for owners of this type of vehicle … in short, with advanced content in which the impact it can have on the planet becomes tangible.
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3. Decision: the user investigates products and suppliers.
In this third phase, the user evaluates which products, companies or professionals can help him. To do this, they will visit the corporate website of each company to get to know them better and consult content related to the product. Thus, the information provided must be on issues related to this, since the user needs it to make their purchase decision.

In the case of InboundCycle, if you are evaluating us as an inbound marketing agency, we can send you success stories from our clients, testimonials, a list of our services, etc., in order to show you what we can do for you. It would be information related to the company (how we as an agency work this technique) and not so much with the concept of inbound marketing itself.
In this final phase of the purchase process, the electric car company must make available to the user documents that demonstrate its competitive advantage over other brands, such as, for example, comparative charts of its car models versus those of the competition. You can also offer test drives or even a discount on the purchase of the vehicle.
At this point, with the buyer persona and the phases of the purchase cycle defined, you would have your content matrix ready .

Next steps of content mapping
Now that you have the structured matrix, follow these steps:

1. Diagnose your content strategy
Perform an audit of the information you have right now on your website and assign it to the corresponding quadrant.

The most common is that companies have enough material related to the product or service , very useful when the user is evaluating suppliers. The problem is that content is not always available for the previous phases of the purchase process, that is, it is usually quite unbalanced.

Therefore, do the following reflection: do you have useful and valuable information at all stages of the process and for all buyer persona? Are your contents compensated?

2. Plan your future content
Establish a plan to prepare the missing content to complete your matrix.

In the event that it is already complete, think about whether you can improve the content that is available. It will be necessary for you to reflect on whether the information is really useful, if you are adding value to the buyer persona and in what order you should share it with your community of readers.

3. Define objectives for each content quadrant
Monitor how users are distributed in your matrix and define what objectives you want them to achieve in each phase . For example, if users consume your content on the blog, an objective for the awareness phase could be for them to subscribe to your newsletter.

4. Bet on marketing automation
Do you already have a complete content row in your content map? If the answer is yes, set up a lead nurturing chain that delivers those content sequentially to the buyer persona.

To do this, prepare a succession of emails that distribute personalized content and increasingly advanced in the purchase process to users who enter your database.

With this, you will be able to accompany the user throughout their buyer’s journey and you will make it easier for them to establish a relationship with your company, considering it an expert, which will bring them closer to the purchase. You will work on the image of your company as a leader in the sector and, at the same time, you will enhance the user’s relationship with it so that it is easier for them to request information about your product.

5. Analyze your results
The content map allows you to analyze the success of your content marketing strategy . It may be the case that there are many users in the first phase who consume information about their needs or difficulties on your website, but do not go on to consult alternatives or providers later: you should investigate why.

Also ask yourself if the information is easily accessible and if it is interesting and of value for the user, what percentage of users stop at each of the phases and do not continue, or how many of the people in the decision phase end up becoming opportunities commercial and sales for your company.

As you can see, the content map is a key tool within your inbound strategy. It is easily configured without the need for specific software and improves the relationship with your buyer personas by helping you structure your content around their interests and needs.

Now you just have to put it into practice. You sign up? Leave me your questions in the comments section!

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