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The Community Manager and crisis management: a bad example


The Community Manager and crisis management: a bad example

Social networks are one of those places where the brand is exposed to the public, whether for good or bad. That is why it is necessary to have a Community Manager who carries out all these interactions with the clients and leads of a company. The way they act can be very different. The most common thing would be to think that a correct, educated, available person is necessary, etc. Although there are always CM famous for breaking these schemes such as the Mediamarkt or the National Police itself , with risky tweets and sometimes looking for a certain confrontation. But, for now, they have not reached the point of openly suing a client through Twitter, as is the case with the moving company Gil Stauffer . On January 30, Gil Stauffer received a criticism from a follower on one of his social how to buy a phone number . The woman, with more than 2,000 followers (a fact that the company should have taken into account) made a tweet in which she explained her experience: ” Ask @Gil_Stauffer for a budget for moving Madrid-Barcelona and do not ensure the delivery date in Barna.” be 15d or 1month ” # shameful ” .


The comment, which obtained 442 retweets, was responded to by the Betting Email List apologizing that any serious company did not commit to delivery times, as well as informing that this happened because it had selected the move in combined service. Seeing that this did not solve the problem, and that the message from his follower was becoming more and more popular on Twitter, Gil Stauffer decided to ask him to withdraw the tweet as offensive or they would send it to his legal office . The event further ignited the social network and more tweets appeared by other surfers with the hashtag # shameful in reference to the brand. Gil Stauffer, far from rectifying, opted to also publicly denounce this third person, generating even more noise. After this threatening tweet that got dozens of negative responses, the CM of the company decided not to make any more publications about it until after two days they openly apologized for what happened. The tone that a CM should have can be a great topic of debate, although publishing complaints to your followers for commenting on your services should not be considered a good option. It is necessary to take advantage of all the resources that social networks provide to companies, as the main source of feedback and research from their customers. Crisis management in social networks is a challenge that the company will have to tackle at some point, so at the moment of truth it is necessary to act as clearly, quickly and effectively as possible. And you, how do you manage your crisis situations?

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