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The Buyer persona: The key point


The Buyer persona: The key point

The success of an Inbound marketing strategy is focused on having the target audience well defined. Understanding who our client is is the key to any entrepreneur. This is where the term Buyer Persona was born and then we will tell you more.

What are Persona Buyers?
Knowing the concerns, concerns, needs, desires and the means that our consumers use helps us to empathize with them. And, consequently, understand how we can help them .

The Buyer Persona is a semi-fictional representation of our New Zealand Phone Number List . Within marketing it helps us better understand the people in our target market whom we want to attract and later become our lovemarks or ambassadors.

That is, we should have our prototype of the person who could be a real consumer with the utmost accuracy . Once established, we can create related and / or relevant content at each stage of our campaign.

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How do we develop our Buyer persona?
The data collection method will be through interviews, surveys and focus groups. Research phase, where we will ask you a series of questions to personify our target audience in detail. To accurately create a buyer persona, we need to create a list of the appropriate questions : Where do you live? What kind of work do you do? What is your job title? What is your employment history? How is your family situation? What are your ambitions? What are your hobbies? What do you care about? And so on.

Another option is the lead intelligence tools , which help us extract additional data such as Betting Email List ; Our CRM can be of great help to us to get to know our contacts better or to make a list of clients with the internal database.

In the case of starting a business, or building a startup, there are alternatives to that of leads. It is recommended to interview influential people in the sector. Search on LinkedIn for experts in the field or, help us from our colleagues, friends and network of contacts.

The empathy map will be very useful for us to summarize, visualize and organize the information collected from our research.

It should be noted that the tone of voice and vocabulary implemented at all times must be close and allow the person to grow and adapt with your brand. Naming and giving an image to this prototype will help us in this B2C relationship. The more real the better.

Find your motivations, be realistic, build a story. Get the key to success, the Buyer Persona.

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