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The brands of tomorrow


The brands of tomorrow

The rapid changes in the digital age will mean that the way of managing brands needs to be rethought.
If we stop for a second and make a review of what the past has been, we can affirm that the history of the human being is reduced to a set of periods with great changes and evolutions along the way. Changes that have undoubtedly mutated our environment, but above the generations that live in it.

In the digital age the changes have not been less than in other times, but we have to prepare. The great transformations are yet to come.

First, the CIO & CTO Email List were the ones who modified the way companies act , and now the new “Generation Z” has just landed, with new ideas and ways of seeing the world.


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The difference of the current era with the previous ones is that the changes are many and with an exponential growth that has just begun.

And that will only transform the way we manage brands today . Why? Because the speeds of change are higher than the speeds of adaptation. For Gen Z brands will be temporary environments that will mutate as quickly as their needs change.

In this sense, there are many questions that remain in the air, contributing to the feeling of vertigo and fear of the companies. Will we have to create special Betting Email List for each segment or need? What is the optimal model to adapt to this context? Although there is still no single answer, it is clear that companies will have to adopt new models of strategic organization .

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