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The Boom of Esports, electronic sports


The Boom of Esports, electronic sports

The Esports existed for some time, but now are living their best in terms of notoriety, investment and followers , thanks to new technologies and platforms.

What were at first minority or local tournaments have now become a phenomenon in which not only professional players are involved, but also the millions of fans of video games and competition who follow it from their homes or fill stadiums with all the world.

Esports: current situation and its potential
Due to the fact that major Esports events are broadcast online, globally, and most of the time freely available, the number of viewers is very large and is increasing every year. For this reason, more and more Malaysia Phone Number List are interested in knowing what Esports are and how to invest in them.

The total audience for Esports will reach 557 million in 2021 worldwide, according to consultancy NewZoo . Of these, 250 million are enthusiasts and 307 million are occasional viewers. Economic indicators suggest that Esports will be among the three sports with the most followers and practitioners on the planet . Its ability to generate business may be comparable to that of other industries, such as football or entertainment ”, predicts Sebastián Radu, executive director of Turtle Entertainment, one of the main organizing companies of these events.

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The remarkable growth in the audience of this sector means that a greater number of brands choose to get involved in some way . Hence, it is important to know the Esports audience and keep in mind characteristics such as their age, tastes or what they consume.

Spain ranks ninth in the world behind Germany, France and Poland. There is already a base of fifteen million gamers , and events organized in cities draw crowds more and more easily .

Distribution platforms such as Twitch – acquired last year by Amazon, which disbursed a billion dollars – or YouTube harvest Betting Email List audiences in our country through the broadcast of this new sport.

Marketing within the Esports ecosystem
The Esports phenomenon in marketing comes with force as an opportunity for brands and professionals in the sector.

According to the Live Video Streaming study, conducted by IAB, 2 out of 3 users who interact with streaming video ads, remember the brand, click on the ad and visit the website.

From this, it can be deduced that a streaming ad within an entertainment platform and with great affinity with the audience, represents a world of opportunities for sponsorships, advertisements and content marketing strategies.

In addition, in electronic sports, brands will find millennials, and, above all, those who do not watch traditional sports.

Some examples of Marketing techniques with Esports:

Influencer Marketing: Elite Esports players have large communities of followers, especially through platforms such as Twitch or YouTube, so they offer good options for collaboration with brands.
Events . E-sports tournament broadcasts draw millions of viewers, making it a prime environment to put your brand in the eyes of the world.
Merchandising . Many brands are already taking the opportunity to launch merchandising and product lines based on Esports and in this way connect with a young audience, such as Kellogs or Burger King.
Undoubtedly, as the esports environment gains in recognition, we will see more and more collaborations between eSports and brands.

We have a new ecosystem with great business, communication and marketing possibilities to discover and reinvent.

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