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The best marketing events in 2020 (by region and by month)


The best marketing events in 2020 (by region and by month)

A new decade begins, and with it a whole series of events, festivals, summits and very important conferences worldwide in terms of marketing and technology. Trends and innovations are advancing at the speed of light, and you, as a marketer, cannot stay without knowing them. Go get your agenda and take note! From InboundCycle we have prepared a list of the best MarTech events in 2020. We want to help you obtain the best knowledge of this dynamic industry, since you and we belong to the same team. If you grow, we all grow. I have divided the list into the following four categories so that you can know the conferences according to your countries of usa numbers list : Events in Spain
Events in the United States
Events in Europe (Germany, France and Portugal)
Events in America (Mexico, Canada and Brazil)
Within the four categories / regions you will find the conferences organized by month. Likewise, we recommend that you check the status of the event you are interested in attending, since due to COVID-19 it may have been canceled . Welcome to this new era that is beginning!Do you like what you are reading? Subscribe to the blog!


Social selling on LinkedIn, monetization with CRO techniques, cybersecurity in online marketing, Instagram strategies for ecommerce, Instagram algorithm analysis , WordPress optimization for SEO, among others, are the topics that some of the most recognized consultants in Spain will deal with. at the SMMDay 2020 in Barcelona.An event that promises to teach the techniques best valued among the gurus of social media and community management.SMMDayFEBRUARY
MWC Barcelona – Betting Email List World Congress
Event file:The Mobile World Congress Barcelona is considered the most important event in the world in its sector . In fact, this summit is where the largest number of international presentations on advances in wireless and mobile communications takes place.MWC Barcelona 2020 will focus on trends in smart connectivity , which is what occurs with the convergence between 5G technologies , big data , artificial intelligence and the internet of things .If you attend this event, you will have as speakers the senior executives of companies such as Nokia, Pipeline, Red Hat, Novartis, Telefónica, VMware or Kaspersky, among others.
Digital 1to1 is an event out of the ordinary , in every sense of the word! It is a summit focused 100% on networking of the highest level through 1 to 1 meetings between two types of participants:Decision makers of brands that invoice more than € 5M online or € 50M offline and who need to acquire a technological solution.
Startups and technology companies that want to present their solutions to the market of large companies.
Entering Digital 1to1 is not easy. The event only houses 300 participants, who must be previously analyzed and accepted.Do you have a solution to offer? This powerful networking summit is your ideal opportunity. From InboundCycle we wish you the best of success if you decide to participate .Digital 1to1
The SEO Professional Congress is a Spanish event in which renowned SEO consultants and analysts explain their experiences in the positioning of large brands: techniques they have executed , tools used , applied settings , results obtained and other relevant topics.At this year’s SEOPRO 2020, mentors will specifically delve into SEO strategies for the following business areas:Gambling and casinos.
Home delivery services.
Electrical traders.
White range ecommerce.
Ecommerce of tires.
Seasonal SEO in online media.
During the event, you will have free access to SEO tools such as Majestic, Coobis, Sistrix, OnCrawl, DonDominio, Siteground, Leolytics and Safecont.

The E-Show Barcelona is one of the most specialized European events in e- commerce . Its 350 speakers and 4,800 round tables will address the latest technological and marketing trends in electronic commerce.n detail, this event will focus on the following topics:Digital marketing.CRM.
Payment methods.
Mobile and telecommunications.
Transport and logistics.
Internet of things.
Cloud computing.
Do you have an ecommerce? The E-Show Barcelona is for you!

e-show Barcelona
Inbound Leaders
Event file:Dates: May 14 in Madrid and May 15 in Barcelona
City: Madrid and Barcelona
Place: Francisco Giner de los Ríos Foundation Auditorium (Madrid) and World Trade Center Barcelona Auditorium
Cost: from € 35
Hashtag: # INLeaders20
Website: https://www.inboundcycle.com/inbound-leaders
Every year, the most recognized marketing leaders in Spain converge in the same event: the Inbound Leaders . A meeting that has become a national reference for being the most specialized in inbound marketing in the entire country.In this summit, which we organize from InboundCycle , you will see that the speakers do not talk about theories or assumptions. Quite the opposite! They will explain to you with data in hand how they have managed to overcome the same problems that you may be having with your digital marketing strategies.Some of the main topics that we will address in Inbound Leaders 2020 will be:360 ° content strategy: SEO, social media, personal branding, email marketing and CRO.
Optimization of the B2B purchasing process.
ROI maximization with Account Based Marketing tactics.
Chatbots for loyalty, growth and generation of opportunities.
Google BERT update and the “0 click” phenomenon in the SERPs.
Internal feedback methods to measure the management of marketing teams.
Real success stories of inbound projects with clients of the agency.
And other topics yet to be confirmed.
Inbound Leaders is a site for sharing real experiences , proven advice, and actionable techniques . This summit is synonymous with the best conferences , workshops and networking sessions in Spain.

We invite you to access Udemy if you want to access the recorded lectures of our 2019 edition .



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