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The best lead nurturing strategies and how to work them with HubSpot


The best lead nurturing strategies and how to work them with HubSpot

Have you ever wondered if it is possible to generate more sales using email marketing? Lead nurturing is a digital marketing strategy that helps us achieve better results with our list of potential clients. In fact, when a company focuses on a lead nurturing strategy, it gets 50% more sales at a cost of 33% less. Therefore, your ROI will be much higher if you work on this type of strategy. Sounds good right?Although the data is very positive, you have to know how to carry out this strategy and rely on automation tools that can help you grow, such as Kazakhstan Phone Number List . In case you don’t know it, HubSpot is a star tool that will accompany you in your inbound marketing strategy from beginning to end, helping you, among many other things, to generate more sales and opportunities through email marketing. Do you want to know how?list_altIndex of contents
Lead nurturing as a strategy
Why you should use a lead nurturing strategy
Key pieces to create a lead nurturing campaign
Better lead nurturing strategies with HubSpot
How to set up workflow in HubSpot
Lead nurturing as a strategy
Lead nurturing is one of the bases of inbound marketing that consists of an intelligent email automation that allows us to pursue our objectives and convert contacts into loyal customers. And it is that the objective, although, a priori, is the sale, it does not end there, since it will be necessary to generate a lasting relationship between client and company so that, once the final transaction is made, they continue to have us as a reference.

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What is lead nurturing?Literally, lead nurturing means “contact feeding.” So the lead nurturing technique consists of sending a series of emails progressively to a group of users with some characteristic in common. This common element could be, for example, being at the same point in the sales process or having downloaded the same content.What is lead nurturing for?
With lead nurturing we seek to work on a key phase of the sales process to guide our strategy in the education or maturation of business opportunities , which are those that constitute these leads (contacts) and, in this way, meet our objectives.What we will do is offer them the content that may most interest or convince the lead at all times: quality content, testimonials, personalized incentives, relevant offers, etc.Do you already know everything about lead nurturing and lead scoring? Access the full PDF!
Applications of lead nurturingSo, when you think about implementing a lead nurturing strategy with the contacts in your database, the type of lead nurturing campaign can vary depending on the purpose you are pursuing. You can seek to generate a purchase by the user, which is the case that we will discuss here, but it is not the only one. You can also carry out a branding, loyalty strategy (to get old customers back), etc.In turn, you can use this technique to send brand presentation shipments, educational shipments (in which you position your company as an expert in its field of activity) or post-sale shipments through which you thank the purchase, encourage a new one. (through a coupon, for example) or you build customer loyalty by providing recommendations for the use of your product.Why you should use a lead nurturing strategy
The use of this marketing automation system has important advantages, especially since it is a non-invasive method whose main objective is to accompany the user throughout the purchase process . With a good lead nurturing strategy:We offer the lead the information that interests him at all times, giving him a timely periodic follow-up and Betting Email List engagement.
We educate the consumer. The idea is to feed the interest of the lead, since after the initial interest we continue the contact thanks to the messages and we create stable relationships with the clients. In this way, you prevent customers from getting cold and losing interest or forgetting about you.We increase sales: leads move faster through the sales funnel.We do branding and achieve greater brand awareness: by establishing a relationship, we generate trust and, over time, the client considers us as a benchmark brand.
The rest of the online marketing actions can be more effective: other complementary actions, such as social media management, should not be neglected.New Call-to-action
Key pieces to create a lead nurturing campaign
To begin, keep in mind that a sales process ranges from the moment we generate the first contact with the user (for example, the user lands on our website and leaves their data in a form) to the commercial transaction and beyond. (after-sales service). During this process, our job will consist of nurturing that user by sending the messages most related to their needs at the right time.Source: HubSpotTo know how to create a lead nurturing campaign, you have to start with a series of knowledge. That is why we want to explain the most fundamental points on which you should focus.

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