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The bed, the sofa or the bathroom: The places where we buy online


The bed, the sofa or the bathroom: The places where we buy online

The ecommerce revolution means that we can now buy what we want when and from where we want. Gone are the queues, the walks from store to store, the long journeys to discover when you arrive that there was not exactly what you wanted: shopping has gone from being a physical activity to a sedentary habit when we choose to buy online. The trend already has a name of its own: e-sofing , and it consists of shopping from the sofa at home, something to which laptops and tablets contribute. Studies determine that it has not stopped growing in recent years, and from 2010 until now, the increase has been 52%. And it is that 2 out of 3 online buyers, do it from the sofa at home. For consumers between the ages of 35 and 54, shopping online is a much more satisfying experience than shopping, something that is exacerbated among men. In addition, as m-commerce through the what is a chinese phone number becomes popular, the places of purchase become much more varied: and the advantage of the telephone is that being a small device and that it is always with us, we go where Let’s go (unlike the computer), its use for purchases has multiplied the access points, and some are really surprising. This is what we discovered in a Mastercard report that makes it clear that we are increasingly lazy: if most of the time we use the computer, or even the tablet, to buy, we do it from the sofa; When we talk about the telephone, many decide to buy directly while lying in bed. Thus, 37% of American consumers have made a purchase while in bed, above other places such as work (26% of those surveyed) or the bathroom (24%).


Even stranger is the 15% of those who decide to buy something in the middle of a restaurant (we trust that, at least, they are alone and not at a family meal), the 4% who have bought from the shower, the same who have acquired Betting Email List in the middle of a wedding or the 2% who have done it at a funeral (although it must be clarified that the survey directly asked which was the weirdest site from which it had been bought online). The reasons why we opted for ecommerce When we talk about laziness and sedentary lifestyle being installed among buyers, we are not saying it just because the sofa and the bed seem to be the star places to buy online, but also because 42% of American respondents, and 35% of Canadians say the main reason they shop online is so they don’t have to leave home. The percentage is below, yes, the 59% who say they buy online or via mobile because it is easier to compare prices or the 52% who do it because it is easy to order, save the product list or pay. The feeling of insecurity is what I least like about buying online The report also highlights what are the fears that put consumers back when buying online. Half of those surveyed do not buy online because they think it is not safe, a percentage that increases to 60% in the case of mobile phones. In addition, 49% of consumers feel uncomfortable sharing payment information and 33% resent having to enter such information over and over again on each website. In addition, men are more likely to distrust online payment, as well as the older groups (among those over 65, 66% think that buying online is not safe).

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