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The Apps that will boost your business, Native, Mobile Web App or hybrid?


The Apps that will boost your business, Native, Mobile Web App or hybrid?

The mobile applications sector continues to be an upward trend, in Spain alone there are more than 27 million active users of Apps and a third of the population spends an average of 20 hours per week browsing the Apps. The rapid development of E-commerce and M-Commerce shows the advantages of selling through mobile devices, but not everything is positive. Globally, 28% of the applications that are installed are eliminated during the first 30 days of use. Following a good strategy for your App will be decisive to overcome this countdown.

The nature of the Apps will make the key difference for your business, what type of App do you need to achieve your goals? Knowing what each programming language offers you is a must to be successful in the mobile Indonesia Phone Number List. User experience, engagement , the notoriety of the App or the possibility of establishing a strategy in the Market search engine (ASO) are points that should be taken into account when choosing this programming language.

What kind of Apps are there?
Mobile Web Apps / Progressive Web Apps (PWA) . This type of Apps is developed with web language, such as HTML, Javascript and CSS. They have a look & feel similar to the native ones and are multi-platform, so they adapt to any device. Its lightness and quick installation add points in its favor, and more, considering that they are the cheapest Apps to develop. Users can install it directly to the home screen without the need to download it from a market (Google Play or App Store), and the latest updates allow web push notifications to generate more engagement .


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On the other hand, their web programming does not allow them to interact with all the functionalities of Smartphones, with which we achieve a functional, fast and attractive application, with an immersive user experience but with certain limitations at the level of interactivity.

Hybrid apps . This type of App consists of a webview executed within a native container. Combining the use of HTML, CSS and Javascript technologies, it allows to develop an App similar to the native one that can be downloaded in the markets . Running the best of the other types of Apps, they can adapt to any device like Mobile Web Betting Email List and have access to more functionalities of the devices, like the native ones. In addition, they are cheaper than the latter, which makes them a very good option.

Native apps . The native ones are the Apps developed with a specific language code for each operating system. They can be downloaded directly from the market and their native language to the device allows access to all its functionalities , such as GPS, camera, contact list and more. They can work offline and use the notification system. They are the most complete Apps on the market, something that is reflected in the cost.

They stand out for having greater integration and performance , by using the graphics and functions of the system itself, it accelerates its performance and makes them the fastest type of App, thus improving the user experience.

Taking into account your business objectives, budget and strategy, which App would you consider best suited to your business?

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