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The App Store Optimization Stack


The App Store Optimization Stack

App Store Optimization (ASO) would be SEO adapted for mobile applications since it would fulfill the same functions, but in different environments. While an Benin Phone Number List strategy aims to position a site or web page among the first places in search engines, an ASO strategy would position mobile applications within their virtual stores (Google Play Store and App Store).

ASO Stack, is a support sheet for those ASO practitioners who want to better understand what levers they can pull to improve their presence in mobile device app stores.

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It is divided into four horizontal layers where each one contains different boxes:

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Increase visibility: Get more people to see the application within the store. It is the first goal to score. It can be done by making it appear to those who are trying to discover new apps or those who are looking for a specific title. Typical initiatives to increase visibility are keyword optimization, Search Ads (which are paid, but also affect organic searches), getting a position in the TOP of a category or country or getting highlighted by Google or Apple. Each of these activities can be seen in an ASO Stack box.

Increase conversion: Convincing people to download the application. This second layer tries to increase conversions, something necessary for new visitors to become active users. Taking into account that the algorithms of Apple and Google consider or not that the application is to convert visibility to users and reward those who can, improving the conversion ratio will also improve visibility. In order to optimize the conversion rate (CRO), assets such as icons, screenshots, videos, copy can be improved and provide high-quality localization.

Vertical boxes: In addition to the horizontal layers, there are columns that describe activities related to the stores that impact both visibility Betting Email List conversion: Rating & Reviews, Localization, 3rd party stores (Android) and Black Hat tactics.

Tools: Make use of ASO tools to accelerate and optimize the presence in the store. The third layer shows us the tools available to make the ASO faster and more efficient, as well as tools that help in cases where stores do not have enough functionalities.

Outside the store: Impact of external influencers on ASO. There are things that have a strong impact on ASO, they can even overlap with the strategies, but they are out of reach. This includes, for example, the application itself (engagement, retention, …) or the application’s web search presence.

If you get to this point you will think … Now what? How do I apply the ASO Stack? It can be done very simply, assigning a color code to each element (box) to create a visual report of the current status of ASO. The colors will show both the level of performance of the activity and its impact, giving an idea of ​​what to do next.

Virtually all activities will influence each other. A better conversion ratio will give you more possibilities to increase visibility, greater visibility will give you knowledge about the preferences of your users, which can lead to better conversion optimization.
Using ASO Stack continuously helps you improve on these activities by showing how all the pieces of ASO are put together.

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