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The 8 advantages of digital marketing for your company


The 8 advantages of digital marketing for your company

At present, almost everything happens through the internet, a tool that has become one of the means par excellence for any type of process.This is true in almost all fields, including business. The current user is more independent than traditional customers, is better trained, searches for information, compares products and, generally, moves through the network.Taking this into account, what image can a dubai phone number list give that does not have an online presence? What are your chances of positioning yourself in a market? What’s more, in your role as a consumer, would you trust a brand that doesn’t?That is why it is essential to develop strategies oriented to this area and try to make the most of the advantages of digital marketing.There are many more than you are thinking!list_altIndex of contents
Advantages of digital marketing. Which ones do you know?
What do you gain from digital marketing?
Advantages of digital marketing. Which ones do you know?
That said, it is clear that the network is, above all, an opportunity for growth, positioning and diffusion of a brand. Remember that the vast majority of potential customers are now on the internet; it’s a matter of earning their trust and capturing them.


Among the main advantages of digital marketing areDo you like what you are reading? Subscribe to the blog!EMAIL *
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1. It can be measured in 100% of the cases and allows better decisions to be madeWhen you run a digital marketing campaign, everything can be measured . You can know the impact of the strategy, what impact it has had, in which sectors and even the return on investment (ROI).The results are obtained in real time and through user Betting Email List , something that does not happen in traditional advertising.Thanks to the tools that digital marketing cooperates with, we quickly detect if our results or conversions go down and then we can act accordingly.Information is always measurable and available at any time.What is usually measured in digital marketing? Here are some generic examples:The current positioning of the keywords in the SERP
The visits and their behavior in their sessions (duration of visits, bounce rate, number of unique visitors, devices used, etc.)
The blog content that most or least likes: what is its organic positioning, how many visits does it receive, how many times is it shared on social networks …
The performance of online advertising campaigns or CTAs (call to action): the conversion rate (CTR) is specially analyzed
Conversions: subscriptions, downloads, completed forms, purchases …
We won’t pass up an opportunity like this, will we?In addition, the collection of data and its correct interpretation allows us to make better decisions, but for that it is essential to know what to look for.By having good measurement tools, we can often feel overwhelmed with all the information they offer us and lose focus. In fact, web analytics warns us about this when it emphasizes the importance of taking into account the CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization).As we explained on another occasion, to develop the most beneficial actions for the business, we must analyze what is happening in it: how conversions are being generated, how users are behaving on the web, who is ready to sell, etc. .Thus, if we apply the CRO concept, we will be using measurement and analytics to achieve our objectives, increase the capture of leads and, ultimately, improve conversions in an intelligent way.In this way, we will be able to know on what to base our digital marketing strategies, what changes to make in the campaigns that have not worked as expected and what other actions to implement.Do you want to implement an inbound marketing campaign? Click here to access the full PDF
2. It is pivotableIn addition to being measurable and immediate, the information you obtain in digital marketing allows you to adjust the strategy as many times as necessary to improve results . It is what is known as “pivoting”.With online marketing we have the possibility to experience many things in a short time. No longer does a campaign have to be finished to change or improve what is being done: it can be done in the process!So much so that today’s most competent digital marketers are prepared to:Analyze the causes and reasons why certain actions do not lead to optimal results.
Analyze the KPIs (Key Performace Indicators) to redirect the most convenient strategies and tactics for each case.
Optimize and dedicate the resources and time that are necessary to increase business opportunities.About KPIs
In this context, you should know that KPIs or key performance indicators are the metrics that we associate with quantifiable objectives . We define these objectives as soon as we start working, on a marketing plan, to know how to act and take advantage of all the benefits that digital marketing provides us.When choosing a KPI , remember the saying “less is more”. And it is that if we look at a few KPIs it will be easier to apply the precise changes and improve than if we want to monopolize too much data and apply many changes at the same time. Slowly! Otherwise, you will be overwhelmed and it will be chaos.For example, if we see that a campaign activated in Facebook Ads is not getting enough clicks on the link, we can change the targeting of the ad set, change the creative, copy, call to action, etc. But remember to test one exchange rate at a time to see what works and, thus, apply the improvements.

3. Flexibility and dynamism
This trial- and -error dynamic and the ease of reorienting processes give digital marketing flexibility and dynamism that other methods lack. Therefore, it is important that your company is able to adapt to changes both internally and externally.How do we do it?
Nothing better to work effectively on digital marketing and analyze the evolution of the business process online than to have the right technology.In this sense, it is essential to have marketing software that allows us to be agile and autonomous and, thus, optimize results. Proof of this is HubSpot , which with its Marketing Hub tool provides us with numerous functionalities to visualize the metrics that interest us, promote the conversion of leads and see everything that is happening on the web or in the marketing campaigns executed.But there is not only HubSpot, there are other tools on the market that could better fit the objectives of your company. Deciding which of them is the most appropriate is a very important process that you should not approach lightly, so I recommend you take a look at one of our free ebooks, in which you will find 10 of the most popular marketing automation tools on the market. with its characteristics and a comparison .The tools that we study in the download ar:ew Call-to-action
4. It is cheaper than other methods
Digital marketing is relatively accessible in financial terms. When compared to traditional marketing channels such as television, radio or the press, the strategies are much cheaper.To begin with, because in the more traditional strategies the investment cost or starting point is usually much higher. While it is true that more and more resources are invested in digital marketing, in no case can it be compared to traditional media campaigns.Second, the budgets of a digital marketing campaign ae usually elastic and adjustable , with which they are within the reach of any company , even medium and small ones. Traditional marketing, on the other hand, especially when it uses massive channels, involves high costs that only a few companies can bear.

In addition, as we have mentioned before, in a campaign of these characteristics everything is measurable and pivotable, and it is not necessary to spend a lot of money to check if the results are as expected or not.5. Better segmentation
Any action that is part of a strategy can be segmented to your buyer persona . You only have to apply some of the segmentation categories: sex, location, age, language, country, cultural level or consumption habits, among others. Digital marketing allows you to carry out a much more personalized segmentation, for example:Depending on what the customer has done or not (receive a product, open content or click on an email, among other actions).
Depending on their status: client, potential client, old client, supplier, collaborator, lead, qualified lead, follower, subscriber, etc.
Based on an interest: those who have an interest in a topic, etc.
Depending on whether or not they have filled in a form.
Depending on whether they have seen a page.
About the buyer persona
Surely you know the importance of correctly defining your buyer persona, since this process is the cornerstone on which to shape your marketing plan. However, we want to clarify the following questions.What is the buyer person?The buyer persona is the construction or customer archetype that we do as a company based on the ideal customer profile. For this construction we take into account your sociodemographic data, your interests or concerns, your shopping habits, your online behavior, etc.New Call-to-action¿Why is it so important?Currently, it is considered one of the pillars of inbound marketing. By knowing in depth the type of people we are targeting, we can develop better strategies, and we know how to attract and direct them towards our goals.How to apply it in your digital marketing campaigns?We identify this buyer persona in a certain purchasing process and, in this way, we can establish behavior patterns. What’s more, you have to develop a type of content for each moment of the purchase process. In this way, the marketing campaigns that we implement are oriented to the needs of potential clients, we know how to segment them and reach them.Although you create very good content and have resources to promote it, if you have not done a good segmentation, your buyer persona will not read you and, therefore, you will not be able to fulfill your objectives.6. Allows you to create branding
Did you know that being present on the web using digital marketing techniques has a direct and indirect impact on your brand and branding ? It is an asset that makes the user remember it. Keep in mind that the type of message you disseminate speaks of your values, your culture and your credibility.You already know that if you do not appear on the internet, through your website and social networks, your future clients will not have the opportunity to generate expectations and, above all, they will not be able to trust your products and / or services.The digital marketing actions that we create have an immediate result and generate a powerful brand asset. Keep it in mind!New Call-to-action
7. Create a community
Digital marketing also allows you to create an audience . The common point of the users of this community is that they have a similar interest in the content you publish. Having your own community, apart from creating branding, allows you to meet and interact directly with your customers and potential consumers. Seize it!Here are some examples of brands that have community blogs:Lego, with Lego Ideas
Sephora, featuring the Beauty Insider Community blog
Loctite Teroson, with its Blog of the Workshop Professionals
Undoubtedly, these companies know how to improve the consumer experience and increase customer loyalty.They do not have to see you as a profiteer, but rather a person focused on helping and offering a useful solution. This aspect is closely linked to what we know as Inbound Customer Service , which constitutes a process of customer service and resolution of doubts. This process not only helps the customer, but also builds a community that anyone who begins to take an interest in the brand will value a lot.


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