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The 7 realities and trends that will mark digital marketing in 2016


The 7 realities and trends that will mark digital marketing in 2016


Every brand would pay to have a magic crystal ball that would tell it truly and without fail what is going to happen in the imminent future. Knowing what the trends will be and how to act to position itself prominently in the market are some of the main concerns of companies, which want to be prepared for changes and thus be able to respond to them before anyone else. Despite how beautiful it would be, this is impossible and brands cannot know with absolute certainty what awaits them in the near future. There is no choice but to use the forecasts of experts and analysts to know what may happen in the future, especially when it is entering the final stretch of the year (and it is what is happening, in one day the last quarter of the year) and you need to know what to expect in the coming year. In an analysis in Forbes , seven trends can be found that will mark online china phone number free in 2016. The golden age of the video ad begins In recent months we have heard different studies and different experts pointing out that the future will go through video on the internet and the advertisements associated with it. The investment figures have been constantly increasing and the interest of the brands has therefore been rising. As they point out in the review, video ads are not really new, although 2016 will be a time of splendor. They will start to become a dominant source. The fact that Google has decided to incorporate them into its search results and the fact that consumers are increasingly receptive to these types of ads, will start its golden age in 2016.


There will be an explosion in the app field, thanks to Google Are apps out of date? Were they a bubble from a few years ago that has now been blurred? According to forecasts, apps not only have many years ahead, but they also have many very positive years left. Brands are going to start to focus even more on mobile applications, as the app ecosystem has become a much friendlier environment for their results. The fact that Google has started to index apps will create much greater visibility for them and will make companies pay more attention to them, especially since with apps you can achieve things that cannot always be achieved with the web. It is not that in 2016 brands will abandon everything they are doing for apps, but rather that next year apps will have more prominence. It is the era of mobile and Betting Email List must embrace it 2015 has worked as the year that has paved the way and 2016 will be the moment of consolidation. The mobile will completely overtake the desktop, they predict. The importance in terms of web traffic is increasingly focused on the mobile environment and, therefore, more and more efforts will be made that brands will have to make in this field. Forgetting the desktop may not be very serious … doing the same with the mobile is already a huge mistake. Digital assistants will make brands face new challenges In recent times, different tools have appeared that have become helpers for consumers and that try to solve their problems. Siri or Cortana are two of the most popular examples, but the truth is that the world of assistants is in full swing and more and more companies are launching this type of tool. Even Facebook is trying its luck with one. Consumers have begun to use these assistants also to make consumption decisions. Asking what is the best restaurant nearby, how to buy a product or which is the most efficient transportation company to get to a place are recurring questions. Brands will therefore have to be aware of this and will be forced in 2016 to optimize their web presence to be discovered and recommended by these attendees. To reach them it is not worth simply doing SEO. You need to make an effort to understand how they work and what they need. It is the beginning of the era of virtual reality 2016 will not be the year in which virtual reality conquers everything and begins to be present in all corners, although as the analysis points out, it could be the year of the beginning of its emerging era. The reason for this situation is that 2016 is the year in which the Oculus Rift, the Facebook device and one that has capitalized on the interest in virtual reality, is expected to finally be released to the world. Its arrival on the market will thus become the starting signal for a boom in which there are many more players involved. The internet of things and wearables deserve more attention Another element that has been talked about a lot in 2015 is the internet of things. The fact that all elements of consumers’ lives are connected will allow a lot of play and a lot of opportunities for brands. To this is added that wearables, technological devices that are worn are increasingly common, which create an environment much more favorable to the advancement of the internet of things. In 2015 there was talk, products were launched and analyzes were created. 2016 could be the year of reality: in this period, real things could be tested in marketing strategies using wearables and the internet of things. Advertising will be more expensive All these points will force advertisers to change their strategies and will make brands have to redesign the steps they follow to reach the consumer. But these changes will not be the only ones that companies will have to face: in 2016 advertising will be much more expensive than in 2015, especially on the internet. In recent years, advertising prices have been rising and as the market has become more complex, the analysis points out, prices will continue to do so. It could be added that the fact that the crisis is lagging further behind makes the situation change as well.

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