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The 5 Tricks Every Independent Musician Must Know To Succeed In The Digital Age


The 5 Tricks Every Independent Musician Must Know To Succeed In The Digital Age

Music promotion on the Internet is the best way to consolidate yourself as an artist, reach your audience and attract new fans.

According to data from the International Federation of Phonographic Music (IFPI) , 86% of consumers listen to music through streaming services, a figure that, for now, stands at 63% in the case of Switzerland Phone Number List . Not being on the net or going from uploading your music to spotify means not existing. Each teacher has his booklet to make himself known, but from La Cúpula Music we give you some basic tips so that, at least, Google can find your name.

1. Create your website

Imagine that someone listens to one of your songs, loves it and wants to know more about you. The minimum is that you find a space in which they talk about who you are, what you have recorded, social profiles, where you will give your next concerts or if you are going to release an album. A website is your business card to the world and earning an online reputation is key to having an offline one.

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2. Give concerts, as many as you can

Once you have your website, it will help you show who you are and convince bars, concert halls or festivals to play on your stage. Come on, the bowling of a lifetime. Also take advantage of the competitions that are Betting Email List organized at the national and local level to promote new talents, such as the 2019 MIN Awards , the call to participate in the Mercat de Música Viva de Vic or the MusaE program. The more you make yourself heard, the more they will talk about you.

3. Use social media

Choose well where you want to be, because not all platforms serve the same purpose. According to the Annual Study of Social Networks 2018, 56% of Spaniards between 16 and 30 years old use social networks to watch videos and listen to music, with YouTube and Spotify being the preferred sites for this … and two basic sites in which to have a presence as a freelance artist. Also, don’t overlook Instagram — the third most used social network — especially IGTV functions or stories; or Facebook — the first — to make yourself known through groups or communities and share your work.

4. Upload songs to Spotify

It has 207 million users worldwide, a fact that would be crazy to ignore. It is necessary to upload your music on Spotify and that is only achieved through a record company or a distributor. You can also propose your themes to editors, create your own playlists or pay for advertising. Even knowing which test is succeeding the most thanks to the analytics function. To delve into the subject, we recommend that you download our ebook How to add your music to Spotify playlists

5. Be consistent

None of these tricks are of much use if you don’t insist on them. Making yourself known requires perseverance, patience, resilience and the ability to excel. Also friends, family and acquaintances to insist that they go to your concerts, buy your shirts and talk about your singles. The beginnings are never easy but once you get up to speed, everything is to promote and sing.

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