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The 5 changes that are already changing the world of marketing


The 5 changes that are already changing the world of marketing

Advertising is a living environment, in which things evolve and change and in which consumers respond differently to stimuli depending on the time, place or time. Advertisers must always be reinventing themselves and must strive to be able to fit in with the changes that the market imposes. Brands have to be able to understand where the winds are blowing each time and adapt their marketing strategies to these new and changing needs. What changes are taking place right now that will shape the marketing strategies of brands today and tomorrow? The truth is that companies are facing different changes and at different levels in their relationship with top china phone number , modifications that they will have to apply to their strategy to be able to adapt to the new times and not lose dominant positions. Forbes has carried out an analysis of the situation, which allows us to extract 5 lessons about what is changing in the world of brand strategy. Marketers have increasing power Few doubt the power that marketing, that good brand and product positioning, has when it comes to reaching consumers and, therefore, achieving good business results. The work of the marketing managers, the CMO, is therefore crucial in a company and is the guarantee that good results will be achieved.


However, despite this growing importance, marketers used to not have a prominent position on the organization chart of the company. In other words, among the decision makers, the marketing manager was a secondary figure. The situation is however changing. Business executives are beginning to listen much more and more specifically to Betting Email List managers, and their opinions are thus becoming increasingly valuable in charting the firm’s course. Don’t create a war between data and creativity Throughout recent times there have been many analyzes that have pitted data and scientific work against creation and creative work. Do you need to be creative in the world of big data? What good are ideas when you can measure what you are going to do completely effectively and take scientific data as a starting point? As they point out in Forbes, however, the battlefield is no longer in the struggle between the scientist and the poet. Great stories are not achieved by following the recommendations of one or the other, but by merging what both are saying. Firms must take advantage of the wealth of data they now have to get to know the consumer much better, but they should not approach it with the data in hand alone. They have to use different weapons: they have to unite the creative and the scientific to create a convergent and decidedly powerful message. Content is king (really) In recent times, analyzes have been repeated that pointed out that content was king and that to reach consumers you have to bet on it. The truth is that these studies are still relevant and will continue to be so in the future. Consumers really want content and expect brands to deliver it. Of course, as they point out in the conclusions, not all content is valid: consumers want value-added content and brands have to continue betting on their content marketing strategies. Brands are vulnerable and they have to be Brands do not have to know how to enter the conversation and behave each time more like a friend, like a person, but they have to have values ​​that make them more and more human. And being human means not being infallible, having flaws and having weaknesses. Surprisingly enough, users now expect brands to be vulnerable or, as the study points out, brand vulnerabilities have turned them into something that goes to the heart, that touches consumer emotions. First, the brands had to become transparent. Now they must assume that they can suffer. Advertising is no longer advertising: it is add-vertising The word game is difficult to translate. The advertising has become add-vertising . Advertising is no longer just advertising, it is something that contributes something else. Ads should not only generate emotions, now they also have to create value for the consumer’s day-to-day life. Thus, for example, the campaigns that become really viral and that reach the hearts of consumers are those that have something more, that contribute something to society.


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