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Telegram channels: how to capture and nurture leads through them


Telegram channels: how to capture and nurture leads through them

In recent years we have seen that a large number of instant messaging applications have emerged, and one of them is Telegram . Do you want to know how to get the most out of your online marketing strategy? Keep reading!list_altIndex of contents
What are Telegram channels?
Implementation: how to create your Telegram channel?
And now, how do we bring the Telegram channel to life?
Telegram was born in 2013 with the aim of facilitating communication between users, in addition to being able to send files, make surveys, calls or be able to disseminate information through what is known as channels .Since 2013, Telegram has evolved to give the best to its get a uk mobile number , so much so that it is currently available on all platforms and has end-to-end security encryption in private chats and encryption in other chats, thus providing the level of security that users require in the online world.Its power of personalization at all levels makes Telegram a very powerful tool for online marketing strategies, but how can we include it? The answer is found through the channels . I’ll tell you everything you need to know about them!What are Telegram channels?As I have told you, Telegram channels are the best way to use this tool within your marketing strategy. But do you know what they are?


Telegram channels are a tool with which you can broadcast public messages to large audiences, and their main advantage is that they have an unlimited number of members.They are similar to the groups that you can create between users, with the big difference that in the channels only the administrators will be able to write, while the rest of the users will limit themselves to reading what they put. That is, the channels are presented as a one-way communication channel .Free Download Pack of Social Media TemplatesIn these channels you can publish all kinds of content, from conventional Betting Email List to photos, links or landings to ebooks and even send files. Unless you indicate otherwise, the channels will be open so that anyone who finds them can subscribe to them and start receiving what you write.As in other social networks that may be managed by several administrators, when publishing in Telegram the name of the channel will appear, that is, the name of your company.In this way you can collaborate between several people who have the status of administrator to manage it. Also, once you delete a message from the channel, it will disappear from all users’ mobile phones. Here is an example for you to visualize what a Telegram channel is like:Design-9 (2)Implementation: how to create your Telegram channel?
Once it is clear what Telegram channels are and what they are for, we must see how to implement them to create a community. Remember that the main difference with respect to Telegram groups is that, on channels, users cannot contribute content or comment on them, so if you want to do this type of communication, you do have to create a channel on Telegram.Creating a new channel on Telegram is really easy if you already have the application downloaded. In any of its versions, both in the desktop version and Android and IOS, you just have to display the side panel of the main screen and click on “New Channel”.Once this is done, you can start configuring it. To do this, you must follow certain steps:Write a name for your channel and add a description about what its theme will be. This is the main thing, since it will be the way for users to find you and know what they can expect from your communications. Think that the description will make the difference between a user subscribing or not.
Choose if you want it to be a private channel that can only be accessed with the invitation link or a public one that anyone can find with a simple channel search from the app. To choose between both options, think about the type of communications you are going to do and who your target audience is.
Add the first users of the channel. You can start with some of your Telegram contacts. When you’re done, the channel will be created and you can start adding content for your subscribers to see!
With this we would already have the Telegram channel created. Now, if you want, you can configure and assign an RSS file to the bot so that users automatically receive your new blog posts. To do so, you can follow the following steps.

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And now, how do we bring the Telegram channel to life?
We have already created and configured the Telegram channel, now what? The first thing we have to do is to capture leads that can receive the communications that we are going to launch.For this, different types of actions must be proposed to communicate that we have a new channel on Telegram. Some of these dissemination actions could be the following:Send a launch email to the entire database presenting the new community.
Spread the channel through social networks.
Add an email presenting the channel in the lead nurturing.
Add the link to join the community in the welcome email.
Put a call to action on your page encouraging the subscription.
These are just ideas to be able to publicize your Telegram channel and start capturing the first leads. Now, with the bases clear, you have to start thinking about the strategies and actions that are going to be carried out to nourish the channel with content and continue to gain leads.That is why, depending on the objective we have with the Telegram channels, we will follow one strategy or another. Are you clear about yours?On the one hand, if we want the objective of the channel to be to nurture, retain and increase the conversion of lead to MQL, we must offer to join the channel to the database that we already have. For example, sending a launch email or adding it in the lead nurturing.When we already have contacts linked to the community, we will try to offer that content that we believe will be of interest to our buyer persona.Here we can exemplify the case of the René Quinton Foundation , a project that uses channels to nurture and increase conversion to leads. It offers content such as eBooks plus MOFU, subscriptions to marine therapy seminars or directly the BOFU offer.Design-10On the other hand, if our objective is to capture leads, the diffusion of the channel must be different. We can spread the channel through social networks or offer it on the home page of the website . In this way, we can capture the lead that is visiting the web, either with a CTA or with a chatbot that invites the user to join the channel.The strategy, in this case, will also be different. If we want to capture the lead, we must offer more TOFU content that allows us to capture their data. For example, an ebook or any download landing can be offered so that you can fill out a form.As you can see, Telegram, with the option of creating a corporate channel and working it correctly, can become a good tool for loyalty and lead nutrition.In addition, Telegram customization is not only aesthetic, since depending on what you propose, you can achieve some objectives or others. For example, it can either be a way to attract companies that need leads or it can help you convert cooler leads to MQL and even SQL.The only thing to keep in mind is that this app is not yet used by the entire population . Although it is true that the number of registered users is growing year after year, the total amount is still small, so my recommendation is that you use Telegram channels as a support to your strategy and that you do not focus all your efforts on this. tool.And you, do you use dissemination strategies of this type? What loyalty strategies do you follow? Let me know in the comment section!New Call-to-action

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