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Teens consider online reviews, keys to deciding their purchases


Teens consider online reviews, keys to deciding their purchases

Millennials are today the most attractive demographic for marketers (and a good proof of this is that they spend 5 times more on campaigns aimed at them than any other segment of the population), but those with long vision The deadline has already begun to focus on Generation Z: today’s 13-18 year-olds who will soon become young people willing to spend. hat are these teens like and what are their shopping habits? What should brands do to seduce them? To answer these (and other) questions, PowerReviews carried out a study, echoed by Direct Marketing, which reveals the importance of encouraging engagement, because “if a brand is not capable of interacting with this generation, they have the independence to carry out your customer journey without counting on it. ”  Because they are digital natives and online channels are as natural for them as offline, their expectations are also high, and they want to be able to have a one-to-one dialogue with retailers: 79% admit that, when canada phone number details online, they abandon a retailer if you cannot ask a question through the web, and go to a competing store or Amazon But they are also a particularly practical generation when it comes to spending money, probably having grown up in the middle of a major economic recession. Thus, 3 out of 4 teenagers take their time with each purchase to find the best price, read reviews and compare different brands. In addition, 66% prefer to save money for the future rather than make impulse purchases. When it comes to researching their purchases, the online world has largely surpassed the offline and only 6% prefer to look for products directly in physical stores. However, the mobile, which we often imagine the best friend of the boys, is not the winner either, with 37% of those surveyed choosing it as the first option. For the majority (52%) the ideal is to surf the Internet through a computer or laptop. The most minority option is the tablet (5%).



More than half prefer to buy a well-known brand, even if it is more expensive Although it is a pragmatic generation, 57% prefer to spend more on a product from a well-known brand than to buy something cheaper from a company they do not know, which shows that the brand image is still a concept in vogue also among the youngest . Even so, there is something more important than the name of the brand, and they are the reviews: in fact, for almost a third (32%) they have a more important weight in their purchase decisions than the brand (8%) or the free shipping costs (4%). In this way, practically all (95%) read other opinions about an article before getting it, and 64% of adolescents read at least 4 different reviews. Not only do they read them, they are also willing to write them, especially when the experience is negative: 37% of adolescents are inclined to leave an Betting Email List review if they are unhappy with the product, but 23% are also simply because they have made a purchase. expensive or for which it has been difficult to decide. The most interesting thing for marketers is that 21% are willing to write a review in exchange for some incentive, such as a discount for a future purchase. Recommendations to attract generation Z The report also proposes some recommendations for brands to make younger consumers fall in love and that this is just the beginning of a long and prolific friendship. The first thing is to have an online presence, because taking into account that more than adolescents do their searches on the Internet, it is the only way to find them. But in addition, emphasis should be placed on the quality of the product and the differentiation over the low price, and start real conversations from the reviews: of all the respondents who had left a review, positive or negative, only 11% had been contacted by brands. Course on e-Marketing at CEF.- Center for Financial Studies
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