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Sustainability at the click of a button


Sustainability at the click of a button

I begin this article with a reflection by the American social historian, Howard Zinn. Howard used to say that real big changes are the result of millions of small actions , which although sometimes seem totally insignificant, together they constitute an unstoppable force.

Let’s talk about change. Change is transition, it is going from one state to another. It is Jamaica Phone Number List that has always concerned and at the same time aroused a lot of interest. Aristotle already analyzed this transition and even David Bowie expressed his concern in his hit Changes (a song that I totally recommend).


In short, it is obvious that change is a present reality in our society. Things evolve, they stop being to be again, and if this is so, it is because someone identifies a need for transition and decides to promote a movement.

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I bring you a particular case of someone who identified this need, Christian Kroll, a German who wanted to take a step towards sustainability by revolutionizing the online search engine business.

online search engines


His desire for an ECO world led him to consider a business model, in which the objective is to donate a large part of its profits to the forest reforestation of the Atlantic Forest of Brazil. Quite a challenge if we consider that, since the beginning of the Internet, approximately half of this great extension has disappeared.

Online searches generate a lot of CO2 emissions, since the server networks used by search engines Betting Email List large amounts of energy.

At the same time, these search engines generate billions of revenue from advertising, without giving anything back to the environment.

You just have to think that every day more than 3 billion searches are carried out on Google (the most popular search engine currently), so that sustainable alarms begin to sound.

This was Christian’s starting point towards his sustainable search engine Ecosia . Like the rest of search engines, Ecosia also generates profits through advertising, but it is just what it does with them, which makes the difference.

Ecosia gives 80% of its income to the reforestation of tropical forests, which allows reducing global CO2 emissions and recovering the home of millions of animal species.

Thanks to this project, the fight for sustainability is now within everyone’s reach. With each search carried out in Ecosia, we collaborate with the reforestation of the tropical forests that have deteriorated so much until now.

So… no more excuses! Let’s face the problem and fight for change.

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