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Success story in social networks: Viñedos la Redonda


Success story in social networks: Viñedos la Redonda

What did Viñedos la Redonda do to multiply its engagement, loyalty and sales on social networks?

What will you find in this content?

Viñedos La Redonda, a success story in social networks
The strategy in social media
The importance of data
In Mexico, wine occupies a prominent place on social media within the alcohol industry in general. How to create a good digital communication and Georgia Phone Number List strategy in social networks? Socialbakers shares with us a case of success : Viñedos la Redonda.

Viñedos La Redonda, a success story in social networks
With a growing interest on the part of consumers, and with a large number of competitors both in the real world and in the digital world, Viñedos La Redonda has managed to win and maintain the preference of audiences on social networks.

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In both Q3 and Q4 of 2020, the company obtained, according to data from Socialbakers, the first place in interactions in Mexico, both on Facebook and Instagram, as a result of a novel way of combining data with creativity. As it did?

The strategy in social media
High quality content
Viñedos La Redonda’s strategy to achieve a real connection with its audiences in networks has been based on combining high-quality content , with an approach focused on the feedback of its consumers.

In addition to greater engagement , this approach has also resulted in greater brand loyalty for the company , and therefore, growth in sales.

Looking for sales still in pandemic
The wine-growing company has achieved significant business results from various activations on social networks. From pre-purchase to customer service, the combination of social media analytics and social listening has prompted the company to make strategic decisions focused on personalizing the brand experience.

For example, the company carried Marketing out for the first time and based on an effective data analysis, the “National Wine Day®”, supported by a previous campaign in networks that sought to increase the number of visits to the corporate site and increase the retention of its customers.

Success story in social networks: Viñedos la Redonda
Social listening
With the support of the data provided by Socialbakers, the company managed to increase customer retention + 32.87% and obtained a 600X increase in the number of orders during that period of time, compared to the monthly average.

Viñedos La Redonda was born 45 years ago with the vision of being close to our clients, wherever they are. Today, our audiences are in the digital world, and in particular, on social media. That is why we have made a significant investment in technology and formed a solid team, so that – with the support of the best digital strategy analysis software – we can continue to innovate and be at the forefront in the competitive world of electronic commerce. Without a doubt, our success is the result of continuous investment in our digital vision.

Claudio Bortoluz, CEO of the company
With the support of Socialbakers, and taking advantage of the platform’s functionalities to optimize Betting Email List and engagement strategies in social networks, Viñedos La Redonda can today permanently monitor which are its most efficient publications and offer new experiences throughout the entire journey of the client.

The importance of data
Among the results obtained in Social Media by the company, both in Q3 and Q4 of 2020, the following stand out:

1st place in Engagement, FB and IG (Alcohol Industry in Mexico)
55X average weekly growth in number of followers (Alcohol Industry in Mexico)
3.5X more interactions by 1K fans (Alcohol Industry in Mexico)
Our success in social networks is based on three main aspects. One, identifying and measuring what content resonates best with our audiences, followed by developing a data-driven strategy that meets their specific needs, and finally, developing product lines and campaigns based on what our consumers really do. want. For us, it is crucial to be able to measure the relationship between our interaction in digital, with business results.

Mauricio González, CTO at Viñedos La Redonda
For his part, Daniela López, Senior Account Manager of Socialbakers for Latin America, emphasized: “With the help of Socialbakers, Viñedos la Redonda has been able to identify which are the topics of greatest interest among its consumers, helping to generate a much more personalized content . Without a doubt, the company’s strategy of becoming part of the daily lives of its clients – beyond selling for the sake of selling – has worked very well for them ”. Likewise, Juan Carlos Luján, Socialbakers Regional Lead for Latin America stated: “We are very proud that our platform can contribute to the success of one of the most representative wine brands in Mexico.”

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