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Subscription: loyalty of the new generations


Subscription: loyalty of the new generations

In 2019, Kantar Monitor published a report claiming that memberships were the new loyalty programs. This evolution occurred due to the change in consumer mentality. girl-resting-after-funny-ride-on-her-longboard-2210×1474 Consumer evolution
As the new generations begin to be our new target audience, the paradigm changes, and we have to change with it if we want to survive. The consolidation of the memberships responds to two great attitudinal changes very characteristic of the younger generations. Change in confidence: Consumers have stopped trusting telephone number list . Now they are looking for communities, closer and more humane, with values ​​related to them with which to interact and trust. They are defined by their choices and by the communities of which they are a part. Change in expectations:
The search for new experiences is one of the main characteristics of the younger generations. The consumer seeks a connection with the brand beyond the product or service it offers, they want the brand to surprise them. In fact, 71% of millennials say they are more likely to choose a brand that exposes them to new experiences and sensations (Kantar US Monitor)


On the other hand, it also seeks a greater good. He not only expects brands to satisfy a certain need and surprise him, but to do good. The purpose of the brand is not a plus, if not a must , and this should be reflected in the entire experience that the consumer has with the brand. The answer to that change
Membership programs raise brand loyalty in a way that we can build much stronger and more meaningful relationships with our consumers. Memberships are often made up of rewards, both emotional and tangible, that make a user perceive that they are getting a real Betting Email List from being part of the brand community. To this is usually added an experiential factor, which connects the user with the brand beyond a product or service and endows the relationship with exclusivity. While until recently all of this was in full harmony with other theories on how to keep your customers loyal, a new layer in the wants and needs of this increasingly demanding consumer has once again revolutionized what we understood by loyalty: a change in priorities. Welcome to the age of convenience : if there is anything more valuable to millennials and Gen Z than their values, it is their free time. Consumers are looking for brands that make things easy for them and save them time so they can dedicate it to what really matters to them.

And they not only hope that they will solve these daily tensions, but that they will provide them with enough transparency so that they feel safe to entrust them with the processes that are a burden for them. That is why, once again, we must redefine what Brand Loyalty means , and we do it with subscription models. Uncovering the subscription models Subscribing to services has been with us for decades – through newspapers, cable television, and more recently through streaming content platforms like Netflix and Spotify. However, in recent years this business model has been growing and expanding into very diverse categories: from car-sharing to retail products that arrive at our homes with a certain periodicity. Offering subscriptions to our consumers not only breaks the convenience barrier , but also opens up a sea of ​​possibilities to know and adapt to them that, combined with what new technologies allow us (machine learning, AI, IoT) , allows us to offer a tailor-made experience. Subscription models help us establish much more consistent relationships with our consumers because they keep them excited or solve a pain . Even so, this model still has some perceptual barriers that slow down its adoption, such as subscription control. According to Ipsos’ Unpacking Product Subscription, 55% of people are aware of and interested in subscription services, but those barriers remain unabated. However, if we know how to deal with these consumer insecurities and combine a good subscription model with the characteristic membership of membership programs , offering them an exclusive, innovative and personalized experience, we will have won their hearts forever.

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