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Subscriber list: what it is and how to take care of it so that they do not abandon you


Subscriber list: what it is and how to take care of it so that they do not abandon you

There is a lot of talk about subscription lists, but what are they really? In short: it is a list of subscribers that are the sum of all users subscribed via email to your website , be it a blog, an ecommerce or a corporate page. From here, let’s get started!list_altIndex of contentsWhy is it essential to have a subscriber list and take care of it properly?
Why are your subscribers leaving
Keys to take care of your subscriber list
How to say goodbye to those who are finally leaving
The main positive point of the subscriber lists is that they make it possible to collect the data of the users who subscribe to it: name, email, profession, date of birth and their subscription preferences. usa mobile phone numbers list to having this data stored, it is possible to create a well-segmented subscriber list that offers all your contacts the type of subscription they need.Why is it essential to have a subscriber list and take care of it properly?
Within any company, it is important to have and work correctly a list of subscribers, but why? To explain it better, imagine thissituation:Do you like what you are reading? Subscribe to the blog!
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You have a clothing store and two people enter: Sofía and Mateo.


Sofía has entered by chance, she was walking around the area and a shirt in the shop window caught her attention. He takes a quick tour of the store and leaves in two minutes . Keep walking down the street, enter another store, and when you leave, you no longer remember the name of your clothing brand. And he may never do it again, unless he passes in front of her again.
Mateo is not the first time he enters the store, a few months ago he told you that he really liked the style of clothing you sold and gave you his personal Betting Email List . Although he did not buy anything, he knows the name of your brand and trusts you because he knows that you work with sustainable materials and follow the latest trends in fashion. Which of the two would you say is more likely to be a potential customer? Sofía is a fleeting visit and, instead, Mateo knows you and is interested in knowing more about your brand.Applying this example to real life, having a subscriber list helps you turn those fleeting visits into long-term relationships with recurring visits, thereby generating leads.[Free PDF] Differences and advantages of generating your own records compared to buying databasesThanks to a list of subscribers, you will be able to carry out email marketing campaigns and you will get :Provide valuable content that helps your readers solvetheir needs.
Create long-term relationships.
Build trust.
Get them to see you as a benchmark in your sector.
For this reason, having a subscriber list is one of the greatest assets that a company can have, hence it is important to take care of it. I’ll tell you how!Why are your subscribers leaving
It is possible that as you send, you will see that your subscribers hit the unsubscribe button. But why does this happen? There are certain questions that we must ask ourselves to know the reasons why we are losing subscribers. Take note!

Check if your emails really add value to the user: are you sending them what you had promised?
A good action to manage expectations is to add information about the type of content that you are going to send in the blog subscription call to action. We see it, for example, in the following image:subscriber list 1Are you sending too many emails? Are you doing it very often?
Currently we receive a large amount of daily inputs, so users can become saturated. It is important to analyze the frequency of sending so that your subscribers keep you in mind from time to time and that the relationship never gets cold, but without saturating. At this time you may have to assess whether the famous “less is more” is suitable for your subscriber list.Are all your emails the same?
Use email marketing techniques to create emails that engage your readers. A good example is this email from Tumblr , in which its subject is simply “Brilliant” and it is a very catchy call to action . Could you resist hitting “go”?subscriber list 2Keys to take care of your subscriber list
As I have told you, a subscriber list is a very valuable asset that you must take care of. Beyond trying to identify the reasons why your subscribers unsubscribe, you should try to be proactive and develop actions that lead you to take care of your subscription list and that the subscribers who are on it really perceive it that way.Before going into the matter and seeing cases to improve your relationship with your subscribers, it is important that, in all cases, you make sure that your subscriber list complies with the law. The Data Protection Law is being toughened, so it is worth asking how it can affect the sending of your communications. Now, let’s look at a series of actions that can be very useful:VIP area : to the people who are subscribed to your list you must contribute something more than the «” casual “reader of your blog. If not, why would they sign up?
For example, offer them a Welcome pack with some content or special discount. Another example would be finding out their date of birth and giving them a detail for their birthday. Finally, you can do like Laagam and give premiere access to your new collection.

subscriber list 3Have a good subscription preferences . Divide your communications into categories and ask your subscribers which ones they want to receive. This way you will ensure that the user can personalize the content they want to receive and can really interact and better value the content that they will see in their email tray.
Segmentation of users and email campaigns according to profiles. This is one of the points that usually costs the most, especially due to the difficulty of answering the following question: what can I segment on the basis of? For this you need your subscribers to do a little of their part and be honest with you. Make it easy for them, as the Salomon brand does , and send a welcome email with a test to enjoy a personalized experience.subscriber list 4
You can complete your profile through a fun test:subscriber list 6subscriber list 6

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