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Street marketing: what it is and 8 examples to replicate in your business


Street marketing: what it is and 8 examples to replicate in your business

If you’re starting a business, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by how expensive and complicated it can be to get and keep the attention of new customers.And, even more, in an age where consumers have become more demanding and companies more competitive. I’m wrong?list_altIndex of contents
What is street marketing?
The most amazing street marketing campaigns to inspire you
The sales funnel is evolving and customers expect a more personalized experience than ever. Rather than feeling compelled to buy, customers expect a shopping experience, so brands can no longer simply bombard with irrelevant and unhelpful content.This is where street residential phone listing uk comes in, which aims to increase brand recognition through the use of creativity and ingenuity, rather than with a large advertising investment to attract consumer interest.Of course, this type of marketing takes place on the street and seeks to interact with consumers, surprising them.I invite you to examine exactly what street marketing is, how other brands have used it successfully, and how you can employ these tactics for your own guerilla marketing plans. You’ll love it!


What is street marketing?
As I was saying, guerrilla marketing focuses on creative, low-budget techniques that attract the attention of your potential customers in order to increase sales and awareness of your brand.Sounds perfect right?But to execute a successful guerilla marketing plan you must achieve the right combination of surprise, delight, and unique twist. I’ll tell you how!Do you know what guerrilla marketing is? Download the free guide and find out
7 street marketing tactics
Although it seems like anything goes in marketing, there are some guidelines that are worth keeping in mind when launching your campaigns. After all, it’s all about standing out without getting a negative Betting Email List from your target audience.Don’t forget that your goal is to win the favor of your audience and build customer loyalty , so avoid ideas that might scare them!1. Catch your target audience off guard
In today’s world, consumers have developed an immunity against advertising.They automatically disconnect the mobile if they receive a message they do not want, immediately change the channel or silence the devices when the ads appear. Closing pop-up windows and sidebars has become so automatic that, on many occasions, they miss the opportunity to receive relevant messages.Finding a way to get your message across to a consumer when they are not on high alert to thoughtfully ignore or exclude them is an important part of any street marketing approach.This is the reason why street art or famous flash mobs can be so effective.2. Avoid associating your street marketing campaign with fear
Before launching such a marketing campaign, test it out with a few people who have little or no knowledge of the product, or at least try to think about it from their perspective.If your plan runs the risk of making a bad impression on the public, find ways to alter the plan or quickly ease your audience’s concerns.3. Creativity is key
Once you get your customers’ attention, you better have something to say that grabs their attention.. Don’t disturb your audience
Organizing a squirt fight on the street to advertise your jet ski rental service? Great idea! Soaking innocent passersby on your way to work? It is not so.You should evaluate all instances of your campaign to ensure that audience participation in your event is voluntary and that the plan does not disturb the public. You are doing this to create new customers, not enemies.Do you like what you are reading? Subscribe to the blog!
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5. Make sure your street marketing campaigns are temporary
If your street marketing plan involves any type of art on public roads, you must ensure that the consequences are easily reversed. Graffiti or stickers are excellent options to leave your mark in the minds of consumers, but not on the street.6. Maintain the vision and mission of the brand at all times
You definitely have to be creative, but you also don’t want to create an image of something you are not.Staying true to the values ​​that your brand weights is important to avoid your potential customers feeling disappointed or disconcerted by the connection to your campaign.7. Share, share, share!
It doesn’t matter how creative and exciting your plan is if your potential clients don’t get to see it.So be sure to document your plan – not just th final product, but also the making process and the celebrity behind the scenes.Then plan to share those moments in the run-up, during your campaign, and after its launch, to extend the scope of the effect as much as you can.A good practice is to upload everything to your YouTube channel and invest something in paid advertising.Do you want to know some of the most brilliant examples of street marketing? Continue reading!The most amazing street marketing campaigns to inspire you
They say that one button is enough to test, so I bring you some examples of street marketing that raised a dust of opinions and reactions.1. Folgers Coffee
This renowned coffee brand from the United States created a marketing campaign, covering the sewers in New York City with images of a cup of coffee.When steam rose from the sewers, it seemed like a fresh cup of coffee was steaming.

Street marketing folgers coffee

2. Ikea
This company is used to surprising us with their marketing campaigns, but can you imagine waiting for a bus in Sydney to be a pleasure thanks to Ikea?The Swedish company used for the launch of its 2018 catalog, a campaign in collaboration with Adshel, placing sofas and full-size wardrobes at bus stops in Australian cities.Before long, similar installations appeared in Paris and Istanbul.street marketing Ikea3. Nike
Nike’s ads have never failed to provide a jolt of energy, and its New York City street marketing campaign was no exception.They installed benches in city parks with the word “RUN” on the back, while the seat was removed because … you can’t run if you’re sitting. Simple, effective and with a loud and clear message.street marketing NikeAnother company that used the banks for their street marketing campaign was Kit Kat, transforming them into tasty chocolate bars. The chocolate brand took advantage of the famous design of its products in the form of bars.street marketing bis kit kat4. Jeep
Simple, economical and effective. This was the street marketing campaign of the famous 4×4 company in the city of Copenhagen.Jeep placed parking spaces in areas that are normally considered no-parking zones, to highlight the durability of the vehicles.Although the campaign was short-lived, only a few weeks, it was used on social media to share the story and was very successful, generating media coverage and social engagement.street marketing jeep5. Lipton Tea
One of the characteristics of the definition of street marketing includes that the public must interact.The Lipton brand achieved this perfectly by instaling a machine on public roads capable of capturing body temperature through the palm of the hand.If the machine considers that you are hot, you have earned a soda. But? Well, you should do some kind of exercise to warm up and get the desired refreshment.If that’s not getting the public to participate, we don’t know what does.street marketing Lipton Tea6. McDonald’s
One of the usual places to create street marketing actions are the pedestrian crossings. The white lines painted on the floor offer plenty of room to play if you have the creativity to do so.For example, McDonald’s pretended that the lines were fries that came out of the typical hamburger brand package.The interesting thing about this action is that, in addition to being part of a true pedestrian crossing that fulfills its usual function, the company managed to make the image one of the company’s products. And, furthermore, the typical “M” was impossible not to see.The use of such an eye-catching item and seen by most passersby helps the message to better suit the potential customer, as they will necessarily have to go through it.street marketing McDonaldsThe more people see the ad, the better it will be for the campaign, especially if it is a solidarity action, such as the one that occurred outside the Russian embassy in Helsinki, where a non-governmental organization painted a rainbow on a pedestrian crossing , to criticize the laws passed in 2018 against homosexual people.This gesture was imitated in many parts of the world, including the Gran Vía in Madrid or the streets of New York, in an element that usually accompanies a good street marketing campaign: imitation.street marketing bis rainbow7. Coca-Cola
Who has not seen a bus stop with advertising? Bus stops are fascinating places for this type of campaign because:There is a regular influx of people.
It is not a transit area, but users spend a lot of time there, so your brand can attract their attention.
There are many items you can play with.
Coca-Cola transformed a bus stop into a real refrigerator, which gives rest to users who suffer from the heat.In addition, many brands are taking advantage of advertising at bus stops to go further.street marketing Coca ColaFor example, to promote the movie Up, not only was the marquee used to show the two-dimensional poster, but also real balloons were included, a very important element within the plot of the story.This is another characteristic of effective street marketing campaigns: mixing two-dimensional and three-dimensional elements to reinforce the message.street marketing bis up8. IWC watchesPublic transport is another place where the imagination of street marketing amazes you.It is not uncommon to find buses wrapped in images from movies, companies, restaurants, shopping malls, etc., but the Copenhagen Zoo ad was truly original: a snake wrapped around the bus and crushing the vehicle, something surprising and unique.

street marketing bis1

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